Adelaide and toby dating

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As we return to fall and remind ourselves of our favorite sweaters, boots, and scarves sitting in our closet all summer, the Mary Queen of Scots revs up for a season full of new death threats, political upheaval, some love issues, and of course, tons of historically inaccurate, yet gorgeous gowns. Adelaide Kane, Mary Queen of Scots herself, was recently hawking so I know some sort of fowl will be part of the storylines. The show is in need of an animal sidekick, I suppose. No, not for some sort of knight training.

It was actually just Toby Regbo and Torrance Coombs doing their version of the ALS ice bucket challenge , but they did it with brotherly love. I'm making giant leaps now aren't I? But seriously, just hear Kane's laughter.

I get that they're not actually Mary Queen of Scots and Francis. I know that it's just a show, but a part of me is a big Frary and Tobelaide fan — yes those are their couple names — and I will look for hints of Adelaid Kane and Toby Regbo dating in real life , even if they did say say quite adamantly that weren't at this summer's Comic Con.

I'm pretty much in firm denial of that, maybe because they make a very handsome married couple on the show. Here are a few reasons why they would be royally the best. Or just televisions. Or maybe this photo suggests time travel. Either way, they're together experiencing it. Better yet, they can just share each other's clothes.

Yes, that photo of Francis in Mary's dress is real. It's from Regbo's Instagram . This is a hawk that has a super impressive stare that Adelaide Kane used during her no-big-deal-just-chilling-with-a-bird hawking excursion for the show. Obviously, they should be careful about the hawk and the squirrel meeting though. Simply put, food's important to them. Well, because they're human but hey they can unite over Regbo's mastery of one dish. Of course, I could probably just wait till Oct.

In the meantime, I'll just rewatch this and go about my business. By Georgette Eva. See All Health Relationships Self.

Adelaide and toby dating

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