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First teased last week, Samsung has made its kodak dc290 MP smartphone camera sensor official. Aug 12, Security firm Check Point shows how ransomware can be installed on Canon cameras. The lens is an affordable portrait-oriented lens with a blade aperture diaphragm. Nikon Z 35mm F1. Control and customize camera settings. kodak dc290


Shedding some light on the sources of noise. Mobile site. Additional features of the DC include:.

Kodak DC Zoom MP Digital Camera - Gray for sale online eBay

Surface area Surface area is calculated by multiplying the width kodak dc290 the height of a sensor. Kodak dc290 Sharpening allows you to adjust the sharpness of the image. The Exposure Bracketing script is nice, taking three pictures with three different exposure compensation values that you set.

Resolution Series takes 15 pictures over the course of about eight minutes at different resolutions and Picture Quality just lets you adjust the image quality. Kodak dc290 scripts guide kodak dc290 with instructions on what to do next and always provide an option to cancel.

Sound Although the sound recording feature isn't really an exposure setting, we didn't know where else to put kodak dc290 in the review. The DC lets you record up to two minutes of sound and attach it to a recorded image.

Kodak DC 290 Zoom 2.1MP Digital Camera - Gray

Recording begins when the Record button is pressed and ends when the same button is pressed again. This feature could be helpful for labeling shots or amusing when playing back images in the slide show presentation format. Auto lets the camera decide whether or not to fire the flash based on existing light levels. Red-Eye Reduction emits a small pre-flash before triggering the full-power flash to reduce the Red-Eye Effect. The Fill setting fires the flash every kodak dc290 the shutter button is pressed, regardless of light conditions, and the Off setting does the reverse by not firing at all. The external flash sync on the side of the camera allows you to plug in a more kodak dc290 flash via sync cord to achieve special effects and you can adjust the external flash settings through the setup menu.

For those interested in using the DC with external slave triggers, the flash is a "single pop" design, meaning it can be used with conventional trigger units. The aperture for use with external flash can be set in 1-stop increments, which should be sufficient resolution to match the requirements of any standard auto-exposure flash unit on the market. Although smaller aperture steps would offer more control over the exposure itself when working with external flash units.

Although it's kodak dc290 bit non-obvious to figure out at first, setting the exposure compensation is relatively simple: The Scroll button on top of the camera scrolls through flash, exposure compensation, picture type and quality settings displayed on the top-panel status readout LCD. When the exposure compensation icon begins blinking in response to your pressing of the Scroll button, the Select button will kodak dc290 scroll through the EV settings available.


You lock-in your setting by halfway pressing the shutter button. Battery and flash card access is from the side so the camera does not need to be taken off of the tripod to change these. There is also a time lapse mode to capture shots at predefined intervals of 1 minute to 24 hours. I used it for a kodak dc290 and it stopped working. I'm very disappointed!!!

Nice item just had a hard time finding the memory cards for unit but overall great Great and clear pictures esay to use Thank you. See price on Amazon. View Comments 1. Comments All 1. You may also like. Kodak shooting stars at kodak dc290 Oscars. Just posted! Write a review. Rugged as all get out too! I like this type of camera I am collecting this particular issue of cameraKodak DC Zoom Last year Kodak found themselves playing catch-up to the new league of 2 megapixel digicams.

What was their reaction?. Detailed review of the Kodak DC digital camera.


Links to sample pictures and a data sheet.

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