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Standard LEDs. Special LEDs. Strip LEDs. SD Card. Test Equipment. They used to be the HP Optoelectronic Division and they have a number of well written application notes on the subject. I've been buying these for several years now, and the last batch I just got has a new pin layout on the PCB heat-sink on them. They actually don't coolon-high power rgb pwm match the current picture of them. Now I have to change my PCB's to match. Other than that, they are excellent in terms of what they can do.

Just a little warning about pin-outs would be helpful. Single T replied on July 27, Coolon-high power rgb pwm sorry for the unexpected changes. That was a surprise to us too. Our supplier changed things up without telling us. The pictures will be updated to reflect the new style. Very good value range with all three color channels.

The only drawback is that it's sort of difficult to solder leads onto the channels but its not impossible. Unfortunately when I received the part I thought I could remove the LED from the heatsink but it must have been glued down. So first after unsoldering the LED and gently trying to pry coolon-high power rgb pwm off the heatsink, it came apart.


It would be nice if you would sell just the LED separate from the heatsink. The device I was replacing it in already had heatsinks for all coolon-high power rgb pwm LED's. You need to compile the code for each lamp, as the I2C address is fixed in the program read the code and find where the address is defined.

Do not forget to make a mark on the PCB which one contains which address. And it only takes 10 seconds to change the address and recompile. And also, this only needs to be done once for each lamp. Note: If you already connected the I2C signals, disconnect them, uploading does not work if the I2C lines are connected. To add the power supply, crack open the coolon-high power rgb pwm and remove the electronics inside.

3 watt High Power RGB LED

Clip the V connections leave some cable to solder the connecting cable and cap the 12V cable about 10cm from the board. When you finish the board, connect the 12V power supply to the tiny24 board. Also connect the three PWM signals from the led drivers. Refer to the code to see which pin I assigned to which color also take coolon-high power rgb pwm look at the datasheet of the tiny The I2C signal will be sent to the long cable, connecting two lamps and is the very last thing we coolon-high power rgb pwm connect. Also connect the fan to the pins.


It is now time to assemble the electronics into the wooden bowls. I arranged the electronic parts around the bottom half of the lamp and used hot glue to give it a quick fix.

High Power 3W RGB LED :: Solarbotics

The hot glue however will become soft when the lamp heats up, so in addition I used epoxy glue. Silicone can also be used here instead of epoxy.

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Make sure that the 12V power supply fits in, even when the top part is put on. Nothing should stick out of the bowl more than a few millimeters that is.

Put the reflector into the top part of the lamp and secure it in place with some epoxy. With the reflector in place and all the electronics in the bottom part secured, you can now place the heat sink coolon-high power rgb pwm the LED and the mixing chamber into the reflector.


The plastic spacer I mentioned earlier now comes in handy as in my case the two pieces just fit together and are centered. I am sure you fill figure out a coolon-high power rgb pwm to center it. Just do not apply much force on the mixing chamber, it breaks off very easily from coolon-high power rgb pwm LED and you will have to re-glue it.COOLON-HIGH POWER RGB PWM DRIVER - The interface can sense buttons, rotary encoders, keypads, analog buttons, serial keypads or even smartphone. dc v - 3 channel rgb pwm driver - rgb controller pwm - kuantum 16 Channel dmx decoder led. COOLON-HIGH POWER RGB PWM DRIVER DOWNLOAD.

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