930 spx price

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Established in , Champion Firearms is a retail gun store and indoor range located in College Station, Texas. Each listing is an item we actively plan to stock. While not all of our inventory is listed, the items contained on our website represent some of the most popular products we carry. Our staff has worked hard and done their best to ensure the accuracy of every listing.

In the event an error has been made, Champion Firearms asks your understanding while we make it right. From all of us here at Champion Firearms, thanks for visiting our store. For assistance, please do not hesitate to let us know what we can do to help: or sales championfirearms. Lever Action Rimfire P. me when Back-In-Stock. Shotguns have long been the gold standard for personal protection, and for good reason.

While handguns are certainly effective in home defense situations, nothing says "Howdy" quite like a gauge. The Mossberg is a relative newcomer when it comes to semi- automatic tactical shotguns. Nevertheless, in its short time on the scene, the gun has established itself as an incredibly reliable performer.

The gun uses two ports in the barrel to bleed off gas to cycle the shotgun, and the high pressure is directed toward the annular gas piston. The gas forces then drive the piston rearward, which in turn pushes against the action bars. The action bars unlock the single lug and force the bolt rearward out of battery. As the bolt moves rearward, it compresses a heavy mainspring within the buttstock.

The empty shell is ejected, and the mainspring returns the bolt forward to chamber the next shell. Mossberg, like most auto loading shotguns, carries its main recoil spring in a very strong fixed tube located inside the buttstock. This means the SPX's shoulder stock cannot fold or collapse, but it includes a set of shims that allow you to raise or lower the drop at heel for a better fit. Recoil is mild when compared to a pump action shotgun.

Machined from aluminum alloy, the Mossberg SPX's receiver is engineered to save on weight. Proponents of steel receivers like the Remington often incorrectly assume their shotgun holds up longer than a Mossberg. What they fail to take into is that the SPX actually has a steel bolt that attaches directly to a steel lug inside the barrel, which alleviates any stress or strain on the alloy receiver.

Regardless, either shotgun would make an excellent choice for a home defense weapon. The receiver is also drilled and tapped to enable the shooter to add optics. In addition, the receiver's loading port has been beveled and relieved to prevent the shooter's thumb from getting caught in the extended tubular magazine while loading.

An ambidextrous two position top- tang safety is much easier to disengage than competing crossbolt des. The Mossberg SPX has a large knurled bolt handle and bolt release button for smooth operation. The Should the Mossberg SPX ever require service, it is backed by a 2- year manufacturer's warranty. The ghost ring sights are reported to be as fast at target acquisition as either bead or rifle sights, almost as accurate as rifle sights when firing slugs, and provides a highly visible sight picture that is easier to acquire for many shooters.

All metal parts wear a Parkerized finish. The buttstock has a nicely textured grip with a non- slip recoil pad for positive shoulder engagement. An elongated textured forend provides solid traction while accommodating different stature shooters. There is often wide criticism about gas driven shotguns fouling and jamming during prolonged shooting. If you stay on top of cleaning the gas piston, this should not be a issue. For thorough takedown and cleaning, the trigger assembly can be removed by pushing out one retaining pin, and pulling down on the guard. Similarly, the barrel quickly unscrews from the magazine tube.

The shotgun has an eight shot capacity, weighs in at 7. Overall, the Mossberg SPX is ultra reliable, extremely affordable, user friendly and is made in the U. Safety: Top Tang Thumb Actuated. Fixed Cylinder Bore Choke. Finish: Matte Black.

Gauge: 1 2. Weight: 7. Warranty : 2- Year Limited. Mossberg SPX Additional Information. Related Products Mossberg Shockwave 20GA. Mossberg Tactical Semi- Auto Mossberg Mini Super Bantam.

930 spx price

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