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Wish it will work though. Wow It really Works….


Find below a few different PHP functions that are implemented for the same. Answer : Routing is mainly implemented to define the URLs according to the defined requirements. Like this: Like Loading The problem is codeigniter odbc I upgrade my server codeigniter odbc 1. An optional table prefix which will added to the table name when running Query Builder queries.

There are no issues that match your filters. Codeigniter odbc a bug - URL Helper function anchor didn't work with array inputs. Fixed a bug - Form Validation Library treated empty string values as non-existing ones. Fixed a bug - Session Library drivers Redis and Memcached didn't properly handle locks that are blocking the codeigniter odbc for more than 30 seconds. Fixed a bug - Form Validation Library ignored "unnamed" closure validation rules. Fixed a bug - Form Validation Library ignored "named" callback rules when the field is empty and there's no 'required' rule.


Fixed a bug - Unit Testing Library wrongly tried to translate filenames, line numbers and notes values in test results. Fixed a bug - Pagination Library could generate broken link codeigniter odbc a protocol-relative base URL is used. Fixed a codeigniter odbc where the File Uploading Library library will not properly configure its maximum file size unless the input value is of type integer.

Class CI_DB_odbc_driver CodeIgniter

Fixed a bug - Pagination Library didn't enable "rel" attributes by default if no attributes-related config options were used. Fixed a bug - Codeigniter odbc with HTTP verbs only worked if the route request method was declared in all-lowercase letters.

Fixed a bug - Database Transactions always rollback if any previous query call fails. General Changes PHP 5. CodeIgniter now requires PHP 5. Changed filenaming convention class file names codeigniter odbc must be Ucfirst and everything else in lowercase.

Added an optional backtrace to php-error template. Added Android to the list of user agents.

CodeIgniter + UPS Worldship

Added Windows 7, Windows codeigniter odbc, Windows 8. Added Fennec Firefox for mobile to the list of mobile user agents. Ability to log codeigniter odbc error types, not all under a threshold. Added support for pem, p10, p12, p7a, p7c, p7m, p7r, p7s, crt, crl, der, kdb, rsa, cer, sst, csr Certs to mimes. Added support for pgp, gpg, zsh and cdr files to mimes.

Php - Using Codeigniter framework to connect to DSN - Oipapio-

Added support for 3gp, 3g2, mp4, wmv, f4v, vlc Video files to mimes. Added support for m4a, aac, m4u, xspf, au, ac3, flac, ogg, wma Audio files to mimes. Added support for kmz and kml Google Earth files to mimes. Added support for ics Calendar files to mimes. Codeigniter odbc support for rar, jar and 7zip archives to mimes. Updated support for doc files in mimes. Updated support for docx files in mimes.

Updated support for php files in mimes.Some database drivers (such as PDO, PostgreSQL, Oracle, ODBC) might require a full DSN string to be provided. If that is the case, you should use the 'dsn'. If you use "Mysql" then follow the following instructions. Please put database codeigniter odbc and database password in the following: $active_group.


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