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You can even store three configurations for instant recall.

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Italic, condensed, bold, double-strike, double-width, double-height, superscript, subscript, overscore, underscore. Page 56 Fanfold paper width This function sets the seikosha bp 9000 width to be used in the printer. Depending on the paper width, the print head will shift to the one half of the print width selected in this function to properly hold the paper in place, and eliminates the possibility of paper jams during loading.

Seikosha Dot-Matrix Printer Ribbons

Page 57 Friction Lever to the Cut Sheet position and remove the form from the tractors, or you may place the printer back Seikosha bp 9000 and continue printing in the override print area. Extended setup options 46 Page 58 10 seconds, the label is automatically repositioned away from the platen.


When seikosha bp 9000 is received by the printer, the labels are automatically positioned to the top of the next available label before printing begins. This function becomes effective when each label is equally apart and the same page length min.


Page 60 5. Extended setup options Data length serial interface This function selects the appropriate data length. The serial data transmission error includes a parity error, framing error, and over-run error. Page 62 When the selection of this function is completed, the printer is initialized. The buffer size affects the signal protocol in serial data communication. Page seikosha bp 9000 Successive seikosha bp 9000 of the print head alternate between the left-right and right-left direction. Page Loading User Setup Options 3 5.

See "Printer setup command codes" section in Appendix B. Page Setting The Application Software If this printer seikosha bp 9000 not listed, look for the following printer drivers. While this should allow you to print your document with your seikosha bp 9000, it probably will not allow you to access many features of the printer. A few of the choices you may see are given below in order of preferences.

Seiko BP Plus (free) - Download latest version in English on phpnuke

Hewlett Packard After a brief wait, turn on the printer again. Turn the printer off and back on seikosha bp 9000. Italic, condensed, bold, double-strike, double-width, double-height, superscript, subscript, overscore, underscore. Large number of fonts, bar code printing and up to 8 duplicates.

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Card PM. Print speed. Through put EPPT. Draft Pica 10cpi pph LQ Pica 10cpi pph.

Setting and canceling underscores for enlarged characters DC4 DC4 u Enlarged character width expansion DC4 DC4 w Horizontal printing position for enlarged characters DC4 DC4 x When the BS command is executed, the printing position moves to the previous character position on the left. The BS command is valid seikosha bp 9000 to the left margin.

A BS command issued on the left margin is ignored. When a BS command is seikosha bp 9000 when there is a character on the left with proportional printing selected, the printer backspaces to that character. If there is no character or another BS command has just been executed, the printer backspaces by one space. After printing data, the printer feeds one line by the enlarged character line feed pitch, which differs depending on whether VMI is valid by the DC4 DC4 j command or not. If the bottom margin is specified and the cell size i. If the printing position is at the TOF position, printing is executed up to the bottom margin without executing form feeding, and excess data is not printed.

Seikosha Dot-Matrix Printer Ribbons UOS Corporation

This command feeds the page to the next TOF position. If there are still enlarged characters to be printed, they are printed, then form feeding is executed.

This command moves the printing position to the left margin without printing any characters. Any parameters other than those shown above are ignored. The arrangement and position specified here are valid if the enlarged seikosha bp 9000 rotational angle is not 0 degree.

Seikosha bp 9000 MSB of the parameter is masked. The cell expansion is specified at the beginning of the line. If there seikosha bp 9000 character data on the line, it becomes valid on the following line. Enlarged character cell expansion takes priority over the height expansion. If the height expansion exceeds cell expansion when enlarged character data is input, the characters are enlarged to the cell expansion value.The pin BP from Seiko Precision is a high-performance state -of-the-art dot matrix printers and suitable for BP fanfold papers, cut sheets.


View and Download Seiko Precision BP owner's manual online. Business Printer, pin wide-carriage dot matrix printer. BP Printer pdf manual.

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