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This method results in the formation of a sodium salt 53g. S35, refers to the position of the ribozyme band.

Rnrrego and Jose M. According to our study, the only constant morphological difference between them are the somewhat smaller basidiospores in the latter. Another difference is in their ecology. While C. Another morphologically similar species is C. The peculiar character shared by all three species is a lid covering the germ pore of cnr wcam 53g basidiospores, which only partially releases from the spores in H 2 O but profusely in KOH.


However, they described it as annuliform cnr wcam 53g around a germ pore. None of them noticed that this structure was not hollow but shaped like a contact lens.

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A megablast search in GenBank using the ITS sequence from holotype of Coprinopsis afrocinerea showed that cnr wcam 53g closest three species were C. For full phylogenetic analysis, see MycoBank. Heavily disturbed secondary tropical forest in vicinity of Akure, Nigeria; basidiomata top ; basidiospores top first three in H 2 O, all other basidiospores in KOH ; veil on the pileus phase contrast. The name refers to its morphological similarity to Diaporthe inconspicua.

Classification — DiaporthaceaeDiaporthalesSordariomycetes. Alpha conidiophores hyaline, branched, straight to sinuous, aggregated, Beta conidiophores hyaline, septate, branched, smooth, straight to sinuous, aggregated, Conidiogenous cells phialidic, hyaline, bifurcate, straight to sinuous, 9— Alpha conidia aseptate, hyaline, bi- to multiguttulate, fusoid, rounded at one end, and with acute ends, 5—7. Beta conidia cnr wcam 53g, aseptate, filiform, straight to curved, with one end obtuse, the other truncate, 18—21 — Pycnidia forming after 30 d. On MEA, colonies are initially white with slow growth, becoming greyish, reverse pale brown with brownish to black dots, fluffy aerial mycelium, with concentric zonation.

Pycnidia forming after 15 days. Notes — Based on the current phylogenetic analysis, the new species Diaporthe pseudoinconspicua is closely related to D. Gomes et al. Our phylogenetic inference placed the strain LGMF together with some endophytic fungi isolated from P.

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Morphologically, D. Furthermore, D. Diaporthella corylina CBS was used as outgroup.

Brazilian tropical dry forest; colony on PDA; conidiomata pycnidial; alpha and beta conidiophores; alpha and beta conidia. From Latin infuscoto make dark, referring to the black fungal growth on the substrate it was isolated from. Conidiophores micronematous, cnr wcam 53g to conidiogenous cells, mostly intercalary, producing conidia on lateral, short to long conic-truncate denticles, with 1—3 per conidiogenous cell. cnr wcam 53g

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  • Canyon CNR-WCAMG1 Driver Windows XP/Vista/7 32/bit Canyon
  • Fungal Planet description sheets: 716–784

Microcyclic conidia produced by budding of the hyaline or pigmented conidia, solitary or in chains of up to 5 elements on inconspicuous denticles when the conidiogenous cell is young, but on protruding conical-truncate denticles when old, at one or both ends but also cnr wcam 53g, being smaller than the primary conidia. Endoconidiaconidiomata and sexual morph not observed. S painTarragona cnr wcam 53g, Els Pallaresos village, isolated from the blackened wall of an industrial warehouse, 10 JulyJ.

Fungal Planet description sheets: 716–784

Notes — Dothiora infuscans was recovered by a wall surface swab taken in Els Pallaresos village, Tarragona cnr wcam 53g, Catalonia, Spain. Dothiora infuscans can be distinguished from other Dothiora spp.


Our ITS phylogenetic tree corroborated the placement of our isolate as a new species of the genus Dothiorabeing phylogenetically close to Dothiora europeae. Maximum likelihood tree obtained from the ITS alignment of our isolate and sequences retrieved from GenBank. Cnr wcam 53g pistaciae CBS T represents the ex-type strain of the novel species. Named refers to the black colour of the fruiting body yana in the native Quichua Andean cnr wcam 53g. Basidiomata small, convex. Pileus 20 mm diam, smooth waxy surface, black, entire margin, slightly fleshy texture.

Lamellae moderately close, adnate to adnate with decurrent teeth, whitish becoming pink with age, thick with entire and concolorous translucent edge.Canyon CNR-FWC Driver for Windows XP/Vista/7 32/bit.

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