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The following screen shots and text were put together by Boltar The JTAG and serial ports make it cable modem modding perfection. The JTAG points are however standard. You will be asked to press 1, 2, or p before the request disappears, Type: p This will halt the boot process and will display the modems console menu like below: Note: If it does not, disconnect power to the modem, cable modem ambit connect again, making sure you press p in time you only have a second or so to do this! The following screen shots and text were put together by Granty First thing is to open the case and find space to fix the surfboard.

Ambit Broadband's Channel Bonding cable modem does Mbps / 30Mbps

Now line up the SB from inside, making sure that plenty of air can circulate around it, and that it will not touch any of the electrical parts of the PC, and mark out where you need to remove the metal I used a small pair of snips … Once this has been done, be very careful that NONE of the metal falls into the PC. Dshocker Well here it is everything you will need for you're modem You cable modem ambit upgrade modem firmware do what ever, Read the Read me. Hope you have fun Dshocker PS: for each modem if you wanna use it on Sb Officially Released by Dshocker 18a. Sorry no source code for you :P - a compiled bitfile is in the rar.

Documents Similar To modem-hacking. VivianandEnrique Garibay. ModemPremodz Sales. Joe Sapient. Hai Vu. Ipad Pad. Mihai Savu. Joe Lanzana.

Kalyan Kanti. Gaston Esteban Farias Alvarez. Aditya Setiawan.

Luke Whalen. Rob Sinfield. Timers count various cable modem DOCSIS protocol error conditions: they should all be steady and not increasing very often.


At this screen, pressing OK will display the event log:. This log is in reverse chronological order, and should be read from the bottom upwards. Press Red cable modem ambit return to normal viewing.

Problem between ambit CM U10C018 modem and netgear mr814v2?

No method has yet been found for end-users to view on their PC the diagnostics of the cable cable modem ambit embedded in the Pace digital TV set-top-box. If you know otherwise, please e-mail me. Fuller cable modem diagnostic information is available via the TV screen when the STB is in engineering mode. As a customer, you do not need to enter the Engineering Menus for any purpose: the User Information screen described cable modem ambit is all you need to know for diagnosing or reporting fault conditions to your ISP. Unskilled use of the Engineering Menus is dangerous because it is very easy accidentally to change some of the configuration data, which might result in permanent loss of service.

Ubee EU (U10C) - WikiDevi

Enet, sync, power, ready and receiving light all working. Update on above: Cable modem ambit homes will often NOT have proper splitters or cables for carrying todays signals. This was the problem I was having. Found and cured the problem by putting new cable modem ambit in outside box plus new cables, new splitter in the attic degrees outside and then run a dedicated line to the computer.

Test signal and all inside splitters in the house, all were way below needed levels. Dedicated cable cured the problem.

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Please choose a lower quantity, or enter a new ZIP code to check stock in that location.Your cable modem has the following features to help you access and use the Internet: • Two-way design allows the cable modem to send and. The Ambit Data Cable Modem has been DOCSIS CableLabs Certified to ensure seamless integration with your network today and in the future. Ambit's. cable modem ambit


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