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Review image Review image Tactical preparation it fs-meg-ite-v1. Others give a little and take fs-meg-ite-v1. We also really like the bicyclist analogy, which is also fs-meg-ite-v1.0 Dutch.

We do not see any serious flaws, however, the paper fs-meg-ite-v1.0 use improvement in several areas. Comments on these are below. It would be nice if authors can show a case that can be considered reasonably as a negative control. The reason is that all figures show the cases of positive effects consistent with the theory. That would also help in arguing the functional role of gamma synchronization later in Discussion. Figure 3—figure supplement 1 shows a negative dependence of interaction strength on cortical distance, which may suggest what a negative control case could be.

However, the lowest values are still above 1 Hz. A more desirable control would be to use elevated gamma activity recorded simultaneously in 2 unrelated cortices. One control possibility might be recordings separated by much greater cortical distances. Assuming the authors do not have such cases, recordings during no fs-meg-ite-v1.0 or when animals are asleep may work. Even when control conditions are met, interaction strength still might not be zero. It is possible that fs-meg-ite-v1.0 may always be some residual amount, as some interactions could remain even for null conditions.

A quantitative theory of gamma synchronization in macaque V1

However, one might hope to find that interaction strength under control conditions is significantly smaller fs-meg-ite-v1.0 values during test conditions. Also, even with a residual interaction strength, preferred phase could deviate from those during test conditions. Is that correct?


It may fs-meg-ite-v1.0 the authors' case if an example of negative IF is shown in Supplementary Information. If the answer is yes, then I could understand the left-right symmetry of Arnold tongue as in Figure 5B. However, then why are fs-meg-ite-v1.0 cases in Figure 7 not left-right symmetric for physiological data? It would be helpful to the broad readership of eLife if the present study were put in the context of that literature.

Fs Meg Ite V1 0 Xp Sp3 Скачать Драйвер

Additionally, effects of volume conduction have been subject of debate over the last several years, and it would be helpful to readers fs-meg-ite-v1.0 point to that. Note also, that there is a microscale phenomenon in volume conduction that might be relevant to this paper Kajikawa J Neurophysiol. Introduction section: It would be helpful if the authors would fs-meg-ite-v1.0 more descriptive introducing concepts of detuning and local stimulus contrast. Results, first paragraph: Gamma power in the deepest layer is remarkable, but is analyzed rather later as an afterthought. This might be brought forward in the analysis and done in parallel with the other layer compartments.

fs-meg-ite-v1.0 Please state. Results, second paragraph: It would help to state in the manuscript how the specific components were chosen. According to the Supplementary material, they chose the components with the largest fraction fs-meg-ite-v1.0 spectral power in gamma frequencies Hz. They also state that in most cases there was one clear component representing gamma-band fluctuations. What was the percentage of cases where there was no clear component? What happens in cases where there was no one clear component? Do the number of dots in E reflect time samples across 33 trials presented in D?


fs-meg-ite-v1.0 Number of observations used in this analysis should be clearly stated. Also, the relation should be quantified with statistics.

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Why is this based on so few trials" This is unclear to me. Yet, understanding this link is critical.


What is meant by "maintained" fs-meg-ite-v1.0 Results, paragraph two, penultimate sentence: typo — "are better maintained". The IF fs-meg-ite-v1.0 in H looks larger than in E around 4 vs. This should be clarified. Also, it would be good to quantify if there is any difference in IF modulation between these two cases. Results: "The chosen examples were representative for the recorded across-probe contact pairs in monkey M1 and pairs in monkey M2. Figure 3B, E, H readability of figure would improve if frequency difference or max and min values used to estimate it were directly marked on the axes.

It would also help to clearly indicate Fs-meg-ite-v1.0 which was used to obtain these results same for C, F, I.Fs meg ite v1 0 driver. Drivers & Firmwares mRun PaperPort PTD l program files scansoft paperport pptd40nt. CC 64 Windows 2 C Ricoh. FS-MEG-ITE-V DRIVER DOWNLOAD - All rights are reserved. Throughout the game, he talks be taken to a third-party. It produces complex situations that.

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