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Line 6 Guitar Port for bass reviews?

Your privacy is important to Yamaha Line6 guitar porttoneportpod Group, Inc. This library holds a collection of Tones matching the sounds of the greatest guitarists, bands and gear of all time. Sign in to disable this ad. Hey guys, Alright so i record a lot of my demos from home before I go to a professional studio but im still a little picky when it comes to sounds in demos.

My guitar sound is awful, except for acoustic and rhythm guitar tracks so I talked to a lot of people and they recommended that id buy "Line 6 Guitar port" which according to them it's the closest thing for a professional studio quality for guitars. So I was wondering if you line6 guitar porttoneportpod thats the best option for a good quality guitar sound in recordings?

Line 6 Gearbox VST Plugin NI Community Forum

I ask because I happen to be in some what of a similar problem, I'm completely new at this and I'm having the hardest time getting the Line6 guitar porttoneportpod to work in 9. Hi there, I'm kind of having the same problems installing the drivers. Before I even tried the software center, this indicated the driver was installed, but my line6 guitar porttoneportpod was not listed in the sound settings menu.


So I uninstalled the driver using the software center and tried the instructions here: Can anybody help? Done Building dependency tree Reading state information I lug the RK2 everywhere as well, but a it's optional, and b it solves line6 guitar porttoneportpod one but three different problems for me audio conversion, MIDI conversion, pedal board. Oh well maybe they'll get it right next year. And yeah, you're absolutely right about the speaker sim thing being subjective, like everything else regarding guitar tone.

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I've been over on the Line 6 Forum. I will line6 guitar porttoneportpod to play with Line 6 as a casual live performing device and practice environment, but will be concentrating on GR2's excellent VST for recording work.

I do feel that Line6 guitar porttoneportpod 6's pricing policy has really soured me on them I have quite an investment in them, but the VST should have been provided long ago, especially as routing is limited, effect choices are limited, both in position, number, ad number within a category and the cabinet models are limited in scope - and the system requires a dongle. Those were not deal breakers for me except as a guitarport owner, I did pay twice for the models when I upgraded to Toneport.


I use a Guitar Port to with my bass. Works fine. I bought it so I could use headphones with my PC speaker system.

Line 6 guitarport user manual

Guitar Port doesn't include recording software but something like Audacity works fine and it's free. Jun 28, I used Riffworks for Guitarport for recording. Resume Toneport device after reset.

Sponsored Link. Excellent Job! The reason two channels are required for each output is that some of the effects are stereo.


Other controls allow the level of the output to be adjusted or muted line6 guitar porttoneportpod there's also an output pan control with a mono button for when you want to record the output as a simple mono track. Separate Record and monitor Level controls are available to help you set the correct balance of track and the source being recorded. Overall, the graphical aspect of Gearbox is very well thought-out and almost everything about it is intuitive.

Linux/toneport.c at master · torvalds/linux · GitHub

Patches, or Tones as they are called in the documentation, can be saved independently for the two channels and there's a generous selection of factory patches to get you started. Although you line6 guitar porttoneportpod get all of the amp models from the Pod XT, 16 different classic amps will be enough for most people, and the factory presets give a very good introduction to the range of sounds available, from clean and country through raunchy line6 guitar porttoneportpod and rock to ear-melting shred.

In all cases the sounds respond in a fairly natural way to picking intensity and the character of the different amps and speakers comes across very clearly. If you need more variation than this, you can always buy the optional Model Packs. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Line6 guitar porttoneportpod and Privacy Policy.Hi, I recently got a new Windows 10 machine, and I got my Guitar Port running using the latest drivers and software. POD Farm 2 was the only.

Your privacy is important to Yamaha Guitar Group, Inc. and its family of brands, which includes Yamaha, Line 6, and Ampeg (“YGG”). We developed this Privacy .

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