23 looking for wats out there

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Bring movies and TV shows into your FaceTime calls and enjoy a rich, real-time connection with your friends while watching the same content. Share music with your friends right in your FaceTime calls. Share your screen to bring web s, apps, and more into your conversation on FaceTime. When listening together, anyone in the call can add songs to the shared queue. Dynamically responsive volume controls automatically adjust audio so you can hear your friends even during a loud scene or climactic chorus. Inspired by the portraits you take in the Camera app, Portrait mode in FaceTime blurs your background and puts the focus on you.

Creates a sound field that helps conversations flow as easily as they do face to face. This microphone mode spotlights your voice by using machine learning to identify ambient noises and block them out. This microphone mode brings every single sound into your call. Generate a web link for a FaceTime call while creating an event in Calendar, so everyone knows exactly where to meet and when.

Tap the alert to quickly unmute and make sure your voice is heard. Alongside shared content in the corresponding apps, you can see who sent it and tap the sender to view the associated messages and continue the conversation — right from the app — without going to Messages. Photos sent to you over Messages automatically appear in your Photos app. Your library includes the photos you care about most — like the ones you were there for.

And in For You, the broader set of shared photos will be featured in a new Shared with You section, your Memories, and your Featured Photos. Interesting articles, recipes, and other links sent over Messages automatically appear in the new Shared with You section on the Safari start . Articles that can be found in Safari and Apple News conveniently appear in Shared with You in both apps — so you can enjoy them in either place.

Interesting stories sent over Messages automatically appear in the new Shared with You section in the Today and Following tabs in Apple News. Stories found in News and Safari appear in Shared with You in both apps — so you can enjoy them in either place. Enjoy multiple photos as beautiful collections in your Messages conversations. A handful of images appears as a glanceable collage and a larger set as an elegant stack that you can swipe through.

Tap to view them as a grid and easily add a Tapback or inline reply. You can quickly save photos sent to you by tapping a new save button right in the Messages conversation. Turn notifications on or off for unknown senders, transactions, and promotions to determine which types of messages you want to receive notifications for. Customize your Memoji with over 40 outfit choices to reflect your style, mood, or the season — and choose up to three different colors. Show it off using Memoji stickers with expressive body language that include the upper body.

Customize your Memoji with three new glasses options, including heart, star, and retro shapes. Select the color of your frame and lenses. Three new accessibility options let you represent yourself with cochlear implants, oxygen tubes, or a soft helmet. Match your devices to your mindset with Focus. Turn on Do Not Disturb to switch everything off, or choose from a provided Focus for work, personal time, sleep, fitness, mindfulness, gaming, reading, or driving. Get intelligent suggestions about selecting a Focus based on your context, using different als like location or time of day. Choose an icon for your custom Focus and name it whatever you like.

Dedicate a on your Home Screen to a specific Focus and organize your apps and widgets in a way that reduces temptation by making only related apps visible. Contacts outside the notifications you allow for a Focus will be told that your notifications are silenced.

Your status appears the moment someone tries to contact you in Messages, so they know not to interrupt. You can customize your auto-reply to say whatever you like. Receive a helpful collection of your notifications delivered daily, in the morning and evening, or scheduled at a time you choose.

The summary is intelligently ordered by priority, with the most relevant notifications at the top, so you can quickly catch up. Notifications from people across your communication apps now feature contact photos to make them easier to identify. New notification APIs for developers allow them to automatically send Time Sensitive notifications and adopt the new look for notifications coming from people. Discover the natural beauty of Earth with a rich and interactive 3D globe, including ificantly enhanced details for mountain ranges, deserts, forests, oceans, and more.

Explore cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and London with unprecedented detail for elevation, ro, trees, buildings, landmarks, and more. Road details like turn lanes and crosswalks and 3D views for complex interchanges help you navigate.

A new dedicated driving map highlights details like traffic and incidents, and a route planner lets you view your upcoming journey by choosing a future departure or arrival time. The transit map has been redeed for the new city experience and now shows key bus routes. Frequent transit riders can now get one-tap access to all departures that are near them. They can even pin their favorite lines so that they always show up at the top if they are nearby.

Completely redeed place cards make it easy to find and interact with important information for businesses, explore details about cities, and learn about physical features like mountain ranges. When looking for places like restaurants, you can filter your search by cuisine or whether they offer takeout. Or you can choose to see only places that are open right now.

When you move the map while searching, Maps automatically updates your search . Maps users can now find their most used settings all in one place, including their preferred mode of transit, reported issues, favorites, and more. The bottom tab bar puts controls right at your fingertips. Swipe left or right on the address bar to move between tabs. Or swipe up to see all your open tabs. Save and organize your tabs in the way that works best for you. Switch between Tab Groups in the tab overview. Customize the start to make it your own.

You can set a background image and select new sections to display, like Privacy Report, Siri Suggestions, and Shared with You. Customizations sync across devices, so you can have the same Safari everywhere. Intelligent Tracking Prevention now also prevents trackers from profiling you using your IP address. Personalize Safari on iOS with web extensions. Web extensions can add functionality and features to Safari. You can install extensions through the App Store. Search the web using your voice.

The tab overview now displays your open tabs in a grid, making it easier to see the tabs you have open and switch between them. Tap the Tab Overview button or swipe up on the tab bar to see all your tabs. Add home keys to Wallet on iPhone and Apple Watch, then simply tap to unlock a compatible HomeKit door lock for seamless access to your home.

Home keys live in the Wallet app with other important items like your car keys and credit cards. Add your hotel key in Wallet after making a reservation, use it to check in so you can skip the lobby, and use your iPhone and Apple Watch to tap to unlock and access your room. Wallet automatically archives your pass after you check out to keep passes organized as you travel.

For supported corporate offices, add your corporate access badge to Wallet and then use your iPhone and Apple Watch to access locations where your corporate badge is accepted. Tap to unlock your office doors and use your corporate badge in Wallet. Unlock, lock, and start your car without having to take your iPhone out of your bag or pocket. Your expired boarding passes and event tickets will be automatically moved to a separate list so you can easily access your relevant cards and passes without having to deal with the clutter of old passes. Using Safari, you can now add multiple passes to Wallet in one action instead of manually adding one pass at a time.

Text is now completely interactive in all your photos, so you can use functions like copy and paste, lookup, and translate. Swipe up or tap the information button on any photo to highlight recognized objects and scenes. Learn more about popular art and landmarks around the world, plants and flowers out in nature, books, and breeds of pets.

Available for contacts, actors, musicians, movies, and TV shows. Spotlight uses information from Photos to enable searching your full photo library by locations, people, scenes, or even things in the photos, like a dog or a car. Find images shared through Messages by including a contact name in your search.

In addition to the hundreds of newly included songs, Apple Music subscribers can add any of the tens of millions of songs from the Apple Music library to enjoy on their devices. Song suggestions can even recommend songs that were popular at the time and location of the memory, songs you listened to while traveling, or a song from the artist you saw for a concert memory. Customize your memory by swiping through Memory mixes, which let you audition different songs with pacing and a Memory look to match.

Memories has a fresh new look including animated cards with smart, adaptive titles, new animation and transition styles, and multiple image collages for a cinematic feel. Inspired by the art of cinematography, 12 Memory looks add mood by analyzing each photo and video and applying the right contrast and color adjustment to give them a consistent look — just as the colorists at film studios do.

Tap to pause, replay the last photo, skip to the next, or jump ahead, and the music keeps playing and the timing adjusts to keep the transitions on the beat. Change the song or Memory look or add or remove photos, and the adjustment happens in real time, without the need for the movie to recompile. New memory types include additional international holidays, child-focused memories, trends over time, and improved pet memories, including recognizing individual dogs and cats. The Shared with You section in the For You tab allows you to view photos and videos that have been shared with you in Messages.

Photos taken when you were present also appear in All Photos and in Days, Months, and Years views and can appear in your Featured Photos and Memories, including the Photos widget. Save a photo to your library or respond to the sender in Messages. Swipe up on a photo or tap the new info button to view information about the photo, such as the camera, lens, and shutter speed, the file size, or who sent a Shared with You photo in Messages.

You can also edit the date taken or location, add a caption, and learn about items detected by Visual Look Up. When you upgrade to a new device, iCloud Photos syncs more quickly, so you can get to your photo library faster. Third-party apps can offer simpler selection workflows when you grant access to specific content in the Photos library. The Photos image picker, including in the Messages app, now allows you to select photos in a specific order for sharing.

Tap Feature Less to let Photos know you prefer to see less of a specific date, place, holiday, or person across Featured Photos, in the Photos widget, in Memories, or highlighted in the Library tab. Share your health data with people important to you or those who are caring for you. Choose which data and trends to share, including heart health, activity, labs, vitals, Medical ID, cycle tracking, and more. People you share health data with can view health alerts you receive, including high heart rate and irregular rhythm notifications.

23 looking for wats out there

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