2006 suzuki gsxr 750 review

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Have I lost the bike? Out of the corner of my eye I see photographer Kevin flinch a little in the middle of capturing a stream of motion shots. Precise, poised, controlled; the Suzuki GSX-R feels like you could thread a needle with it, effortlessly turning all my excuses and posturing into so much wasted hot air. The experience is not much different given that the K6 is the dimensional twin of the to the millimeter — except coming into the corner would be a matter of hitting the right gear and spot in the power band at the right time.

At the crank the claimed output is a whopping hp at 12, RPM, with 55ft-lbs of torque coming on strong at 10,RPM. Whacking the throttle boldfaces the differences between the two bikes and opens up twin injectors, one manually controlled providing the bulk of the fuelling and one computer controlled fine tuning the control, both working in synchrony to keep things smooth and responsive.

The spins up effervescently wailing through the tach, ratios and speedo, while the is more aggressive and purposeful. Muscle mass it seems does indeed weigh more. Skip the doughnuts and hit the protein shakes at the office. Where the has generally only one gear that suites the occasion, the is better natured letting you take you waft through the marked twists in fourth, or scream through in second.

Whatever the mood, this bike is willing to play. There is something else about riding through town on the GSX-R that one needs to consider — the attention it draws. Part of it might be the throaty syncopated snarl stirring some deep limbic response in the something brain. The other part might be the looks, subtle like a pouncing panther from the side and conveying vehement cycloptic villainy from the front.

For the sake of those around me it was obvious the GSX-R needed to be ridden in less urban environs. Thru the twists the GSX-R is stable, planted and composed. The suspension features a multiplicity of adjustments; preload, high and low speed compression damping, and rebound damping. Adjusting this is more mind-boggling than the list of ingredients on a semi-synthetic power bar. As with the , drawing you down from that intoxicating bout of encroaching hearing loss are the twin mm disks and four? Sitting on the K5 the bike feels like a sport tourer by comparison to the latest greatest.

In reality, the GSX-R could see you through the occasional aggressive tour like its bigger brother the We followed the GSX-R with a Bandit and the Honda VFR and frankly this engine keeps company with those bikes in the smooth category, though not as sedate by any means.

The airflow and weather protection is top notch for a sport bike, the stream over the windscreen is clean and buffet free and the fairings offer good protection. The tank at You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google . You are commenting using your Twitter .

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2006 suzuki gsxr 750 review

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Road Review: Suzuki GSX-R