2 cb trip

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Pills are total bullshit. You need to find powder and find your sweet spot. I think that would make a big difference. Fuck all those presses. My ex was tripping on a whole other level with a much lower dosage. For me it never was very special, and bit uncomfortable as you describe it. I took some last night for the first time at a rave Above and Beyond.

My dealer recommended I take the whole 25mg pill powder not press , but after a minute internal debate, I went with my instinct and microdosed it instead. I took two VERY small clusters from the 25mg capsule which hit me quite hard and had me questioning a few things.

How far off would I have been? This last thought terrifies me still. So respect the drug folks. It's under researched and no joke. It took roughly 20 minutes for the drug to take effect and I found myself momentarily in a state of confusion trying to figure out the new,alien feeling of the drug. In my opinion, it feels nothing like MDMA. There was no peak, no sense of heightened joy, bliss, and empathy as MDMA would facilitate. Slight paranoia, highly visual, distorted depth perception. I found myself mostly uncomfortable on it to be honest. I was constantly reassuring myself that I was going to be fine and to let go and enjoy the music--which I did, but still I don't get that when I'm on molly.

Molly is my choice of drug when I'm out partying and having fun. I'm grateful I didn't take the whole pill and still surprisingly had just enough to experience a 2 hour trip. I do like that there is no comedown and zero hangover. But again, I didn't do a full dose to fully stand by this opinion. Maybe sometime in the future I'll do the full dose from the comfort of my own house because I think that'd be better.

Most my friends have the same experience as you. My girl and I though it's our fav and definitely like M and L had a baby. Done wasting my precious 2cb. Find your sweet spot dose dont eat heavy meals before the trip and drink some ginger tea hours before dosing all that can make the best experiences with 2cb ;.

Yeah you gotta push it a bit and find your dose, but it definitely has some amazing moments. Its incredibly versatile for a psychedelic. I find acid to be much more uncomfortable, it also lasts way too fucking long and I don't wanna eat shrooms all the time, so 2C-B is great IMO. I have a busy work and social life, no room voor 12 hour trips, or big dips from the M, and coke is not always my thing. I got some really great ones and some really shitty ones. Generally the good trips are wayyy better than bad trips are shitty.

Nothing beats it for sex. That was my impression as well when I first tried it, however it has really grown on me and I have had some really awesome times on it. It is a psychedelic so it can be a little uncomfortable sometimes and each experience various a bit. However, I usually throw in a mg edible around 2 hours in and it is one of the best combos of any drug imo.

Really elavates 2cb and brings out the best effects of the drug. It also combos amazing at the end of a roll and makes a md comedown a lot less unpleasant. Definitely try to get powder if you can, and maybe try mixing in a little weed and see if that helps. I mean every substance use experience is entirely subjective.

You need to get powder you can test. To me, 2c-b seems like a pushier mescaline. Shorter duration, more rapid onset, less of the wavy type experience you get with mescaline and more 'in your face' though not in a bad way - I don't find MDMA very pleasurable as it seems too pushy and overly stimulating.

Doing 4 was like a crazy acid trip which is also how doing that many should feel like according to many websites and reddit. It does have a beautiful body buzz at the right dose and some fantastic visuals. I absolutely love it for concerts of all kinds. Mdma is fantastic but the drawbacks are steep. Save that for very special occasions. I only use pure powder and I only snort it, very zmall bumps at a time over an evening. When done like that it is in my opinion the greatest drug ever invented.

Home Is 2CB really that great? You arnt taking enough those pills dont have shit in them. I think it's enjoyed best when throwing comparisons to lsd and mdma out the window :. You may have missed.

2 cb trip

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