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When it clearspace jdbc, you should be connected. Driver as the name of the driver when you are specifying JDBC connection.

This isn't necessary,but doing so will allow clearspace jdbc tables to exist in a separate tablespace. Next, import the schema from the database directory of the Clearspace installation using sqlplus or yourfavorite Oracle tool such as Toad or DbVisualizer. If you have sqlplus on your PATH, you can execute thefollowing command in the directory containing the Oracle schema. Jive Software recommends using the "thin" drivers. Please consult the Oracle documentation to decide which version of the JDBC thin driver is best for you. Typically,the drivers are in "classes Do not use the classes If you use the ZIPfile you may wish to rename the classes Note, the --encoding switch is optional, but is a good idea so your database will support Unicode content.

Grant the user permission to the newly created database. Consult your Postgres installation or administrator — as this value might bedifferent between clearspace jdbc.

Cannot find Driver: durin AureaWorks

Open the file and clearspace jdbc to the bottom of it — you should see an access control section. Manual intervention needed!

Please enter your email address. An avid attribute for you to eliminate checking back ground, as well as security passwords, cupcakes and also style facts, at the same time debuted within. To ensure anything functions good, primarily supplied the reality that the popular internet browser is sold with program to get Open up Lookup Plug-ins, Clearspace jdbc moreover produced a unique style to be able to disable the add-ons, which in turn mainly makes it possible for buyers to be able to make out together with revive conditions could possibly delay or perhaps fail the particular visitor.

Go to original clearspace jdbc. Retrieving data In either case the JDBC driver needs to be in this directory before. You will need to point your Clearspace instance at your permanent jiveHome directory which you. Use the Clearspace setup tool to set the value. After you. After setting the server up I installed the Monitoring Service plugin and was able to get into archiving and view conversations.


Clearspace jdbc was an important part of the install as without it management doesn't want the system to remain in place. That being said in the last couple of weeks we haven't had any clearspace jdbc to check chat logs and recently noticed the archiving menus are gone. When logged in we have the following options see attached but no way to view logs based on user or date like we used to. I've used Spark at two companies but this is the first install I've been in charge of managing so my understanding of the inner workings is shaky.


Although the software lets you decide whether document-read and -edit permissions apply to everyone or only certain people, I found it actually set only edit permissions; apparently, everyone who has read permission in the space can still read any document, so be careful with this one. Click import next to required libraries such clearspace jdbc your JDBC driver, or the new. Finally, click "OK. Click "Deploy. You need to set up your jiveHome directory in a permanent Clearspace Documentation : Clearspace Installation Guide - Now that your jiveHome directory is set up, Clearspace will need to know its location. clearspace jdbc

There are several ways todo this. Choosing one of the following options depends largely on how you want to register your value in yourenvironment. Use the Clearspace jdbc setup tool to set the value. After youdeploy the web application detailed below and start the setup tool you'll be prompted for the jiveHomelocation. The EditWAR tool is a clearspace jdbc application which will modify the packagedweb application clearspace.

Set the location clearspace jdbc the jiveHome directory manuallyby passing in a Java system property to your app server. Set a property with the name of "jiveHome". To test the virtual host, without registering the hostname with an ISP, edit. Juergen Hoeller commented Jessica, What kind of treatment clearspace jdbc the Microsoft driver require for null values?

Randy Burgess commented What clearspace jdbc the possibility of backporting this to 2.Help me about to download clearspace jdbc driver? 4 Clearspace jdbc Views; 2 Followers. 5. Answer. Share. Facebook. Report. I could not complete the Clearspace setup. When I clicked the test button, I got the error that it could not find the mySQL/j Driver:

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