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  • Webcam SPCNC/00 Philips
  • Webcam SPCNC/00 Philips
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  • Philips SPC900NC PC Camera - web camera Specs
  • High definition even in darkness
  • Modding a Philips SPC900NC webcam for long exposures

The IR-blocking filter serves two purposes: 1 block out IR so that crisp images can be obtained, and 2 correct for the reddish hue so that proper white balance is achieved. If you intend to use the webcam as an imaging camera for planets, do spc900nc remove the IR-blocking filter. If you intend to use the webcam as a guide camera, you may remove the IR-blocking filter to achieve greater sensitivity but take note it will no longer perform well in planetary imaging. To achive better results, you may opt to remove the IR-blocking filter and have spc900nc replaced by dedicated UV-IR filters that you may screw in anywhere along the optical train. I'm also thinking about getting one of these webcams, i managed to pick up a toucam fun 2 only manages about px square, and focussing is impossiblehow do i go about fitting the eyepiece adaptor to the camera, i know with the philips ones you can just screw out the lens and screw in the new adaptor.

Is the process the same, and might i get away with using the same adaptor?


The process will be the same, although some cmos cameras will have a larger thread for the lens - I have seen up to 20mm where the cameras above are only 12mm. Thanks Arthur for a very helpful post. I'll definitely be dipping my toes in the imaging pond and am glad there is a range of suitable webcams. I was under the impression that Celestron's Neximage uses the same chip as the toucams? The finished lenses are coated with a special film to extend their working life and protect them from wear and spc900nc and dust accumulation.

The webcam has been designed to add video spc900nc your Internet calls so spc900nc can see as well as hear your friends and family online. Show all features Show less features. Show all product features Show fewer product features.

Philips SPC900NC / SPC880NC

How to get the. Sorry for theses newbie questions. Discussion spc900nc can be closed at any time at our discretion. Post a comment. Dimitar Jakimov. I am sure pulling it to pry it out will work as you and Maneesh have described.

But then again, Spc900nc feel hesitant to recommend that method. As I have said before, anything that uses brute force is something that I try to avoid as much as possible. Create and send V-mails in seconds. VLounge is sophisticated software for capturing, managing and archiving snapshots spc900nc video clips with just a couple of mouse clicks.


You can also use it with the webcam for home monitoring, motion detection and web casting. Some software requires the dimensions of the CCD chip to be entered and you will need to translate the "Type" to the relevant Width, Height, Diagonal or Area. Sensor Sizes - Digital Photographer Review page providing sensor size information. K3CCDTools - Spc900nc software allows you to take better control over your webcam to capture movie footage or spc900nc shots to your computer for later enhancement by K3CCDToolsor another software such as Registax. It is reasonably priced and has many advanced features that give special control over exposure and gain that your standard Webcam software may not provide.

Modding a Philips SPCNC webcam for long exposures

K3CCDTools is particularly spc900nc interest because it includes settings that hook into a " long exposure modified " webcam Note that long exposures are useless without proper equatorial tracking. WxAstrocapture - free software which allows capturing of video or single images from the webcam.

Unfortunately it is unable to control long spc900nc by a standard USB to Serial adaptor, so you have to capture using other software like WxAstrocapture or K3CCDTools, then work in Nebulosity with the image files they create.This is simply the best webcam in the world. It has Philips state-of-the-art technology and its optics are so sensitive that it will even give you colorful, high. Find support for your Webcam SPCNC/ Discover user manuals, FAQs, hints & tips for your Philips product.

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