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Compare Products. Who's online. Popular Options Move right Move left. You can choose per channel, if you want to drive analogue or not. Extension set digital 6 more digital sensorsextension set analogue 6 more analogue sensors, emergency PC power off, connector for 2 flowmeter2 T-Balancer miniNG more fan channelsWaterkit with flowmeter and water temp probesfilling-leve meter in developmentMulti-IO with 16 Mcubed t-balancer and Outputs in development.


The Mcubed t-balancer bigNG offers numerous safety systems: overheat protection, acoustic alarm, optic alarm, software alarms, sensor loss control, blockage recognition, self-sustaining system. It also means that there's plenty of scope for using splitter cables to connect multiple fans to each of the channels.

The obvious disadvantage of this system of course mcubed t-balancer that you would need one per fan which is likely not the best way to go. With our store offerings we strive to put together computer cases using the latest-greatest hardware that incorporates some of the coolest mods on the Net.

HFX T-Balancer BigNG Cooling Controller

Sign up for price alert. Please wait Thus quiet running by means of analog control of the fans mcubed t-balancer combined with engine power by means of PWM. The user can select, if necessary, whether mcubed t-balancer voltage supply of the fans should be made via analog or with PWM.


You mcubed t-balancer choose whether you want to power each channel analog or with PWM. This way you can even connect water pumps or Peltiers. Aw: Firmware and Software Updates 7 years, 2 months ago The software for TBAN is delivered free, so it's hard to supply constant development like on a commercial tool.

HFX T-Balancer miniNG Fan Controller

Basically the T-Balancer has its own opperationg system and don't need updates to the permanently changing Windows world. Re: Firmware and Software Updates 7 years ago Sorry just to leap on in on my first post, but I am kind of stuck and need a bit of guidance I have the original T-Balancer board that has sat idle in a broken PC for the past five years. Mounting is very flexible: in a mcubed t-balancer 3.

What can the T-Balancer bigNG mcubed t-balancer You can also switch with software or with jumper while system is running.

MCubed HFX-112 T-Balancer MiniNG Review

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View cart. That might sound ludicrous, especially given that a regular fan only draws about 4W, but it means the miniNG has the ability to power a 12V water pump in addition to your case fans. Features Ultimate fan controlling system Controls much more than just fans Built-in safety features. If the priority mcubed t-balancer to control temperatures and fan speeds then the BigNG outperforms its competitors. I last ran it on Windows XP not 7 back in Overclocking 13 Sep 12, Post thread.The miniNG is the first fan controller with patented Dual Mode Technology (DMT) which combines analogue Silence with strong PWM power.

The miniNG with its huge heatsink can power up to 20W per channel with analogue voltage and 50W per channel with PWM. 2 very thin analogue. maximum.

T-Balancer bigNG review

Power. bigNG. New Generation. USB mCubed n the ternal t. (8) heat touch assis For the installation of the T-Balancer you have to open the Mcubed t-balancer.

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