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Any other third-party products, brands or trademarks listed above are the sole property of their respective owner. Setting Port Configuration Information with Storport. Drivers may also scsiport miniport available for free directly from manufacturers' websites. If your User Access Control Service UAC is started please confirm the installation of the driver and run the setup with administrative rights. As a virtual Storport miniport our driver is required to support 5 entry points which are:. Some entry points are unnecessary such as HwFreeAdapterResources, since we have no resources, while other entry points are optional.


These optional interfaces listed below may be necessary depending upon the architecture of the miniport. We'll talk about scsiport miniport of the required entry points in subsequent sections of this article and we'll leave the other entry points that we might implement for the follow on articles. Besides filling our driver's entry points, there are some other fields that need consideration and scsiport miniport are:.

These fields may be supplied but are not required for a SMD. HwFindAdapter is the first routine called by Storport. Scsiport miniport, it's important that we do not zero it.

SCSIPort Miniport Driver User Manual

All our miniport needs to do is fill in the fields that the driver wants to use. This structure is defined in Figure scsiport miniport. You can create, modify and delete ASGs at each level in this tree.

Edit Generate new security keys. Delete Delete an ASG. You can remove it from the ASG.

SCSIPort Miniport Driver User Manual

To create an ASG: 1. Click the Access Sub-Groups tab. Click New. Enter the ASG information: 4. The ASG name is for identification purposes only. It does not provide any security function. Provide a name that will make it easy to remember the systems that are part of the ASG. The name can contain any alphanumeric characters, symbols or spaces up to At each level of the security topology, each ASG name must be unique. If the name is not unique at its level, an error message informs you of this when you click OK. Scsiport miniport number reflects the number of subsequent 'child' ASGs that you can subsequently create on the new client's system. The ASG is created. When you create each new access group, you allocate some number of 'indices' to scsiport miniport client system of the new ASG.

This number reflects the number of subsequent 'child' ASGs that you can subsequently create at the new client's system. Thus, for example, if you want to implement a multi-tiered security architecture consisting of many ASGs, and you want to create them all from the Master Security Client MSCzero indices would be allocated to each of the new ASGs client platforms when they are created. For all other scsiport miniport, the maximum depends on scsiport miniport many indices were reserved to that client when its ASG was created, and on how many it has subsequently allocated to its ASGs.

Notes on Windows SCSI Miniport Driver – Black God

Click the Access Sub-Group tab. Note: Out-of-band servers appear in the Available Servers list even though the ASG scsiport miniport system may not have discovered them yet. You can still add these servers to the Access Sub-Group Servers list. Click the left arrow to move the servers to the Access Sub-Group Servers list. To delete an ASG: 1. Press the Delete button. A window appears warning you that if you continue the access subgroup will be deleted. This operation is immediate.

There is no need to press the OK or Apply button. To restore an ASG to its last saved configuration: 1.

RE: Help: SCSI Miniport with WMI causes SCSIPORT to crash!!

Select the ASG whose configuration you want to restore. Click Restore. Click OK or Scsiport miniport to save your changes.Communication between the SCSI Port driver and scsiport miniport SCSI Port miniport drivers takes place by means of SCSI request blocks (SRBs) and. The Storport-miniport driver interface is designed to be as similar to the SCSI Port -miniport driver interface as possible, in order to facilitate the adaptation of.

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