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Fill Rate triangles. Interface Type. Graphics Processor Manufacturer.

Intel i Specs TechPowerUp GPU Database

However complexity of modern graphics pipeline was a new challenge for Intel and rather than trying to do everything on its own a coalition was formed. Project Auburn Chips and Technologies, one of the intel i740 video manufacturers of graphics chips for notebooks joined in. Intel purchased the whole company in July and put their 2d expertise into good use. Crucial partner was Real3D with three decades of experience from space and military 3d graphics. Coming from a futuristic world of expensive simulations, Real3D was a spun off by Lockheed Martin and targeting growing civilian market. They already got trust from Sega to use their graphics in arcade machines, and even delivered own arcade hit 'Desert Tank'. They made a deal with Chips and Technologies to be their world wide distribution partner of high-end graphics.


Sega intended to use Real3D technology in Saturn 2 but price seemed too high for a home system. And the price was intel i740 video limiting jointly developed PC product as well, since the Auburn did not exactly eclipse the capabilities of Sega Model 3. But at the time the divide between arcade cabinets and home computers was still large.

The i also supports texture map resolutions up to x Advantages of Intel i So, Rage PRO or i" that shed many of its divisions, and then closed Real3D on 1 October following Calcomp in late Intel purchased the company's intel i740 video propertypart of a series on ongoing lawsuits, but laid off the remaining skeleton staff. Intel also sold the i to 3rd party companies, and some PCI versions of the accelerator also were made.

As the introduction approached, rumors of poor performance started circulating. In spite of this, pundits continued to agree that its release would intel i740 video enormous effects on the market.


Peter Glaskowsky noted that "Very few of the manufacturers have the access to the [manufacturing plants] that Intel does, S3 could be the big loser here--it doesn't sell to the performance market. Riva TNT was a giant step forward all around. Vintage3D is run by a guy who calls himself Putas around the web. Great site. Maybe the best coverage those chips intel i740 video ever had.

Real3D Starfighter

The Egg. Namespaces Page Discussion. The Video-In function on the other intel i740 video can capture up to 30fps at x mode and supports a resolution of up to x, intel i740 video a hardware overlay for Live Video Display. Even though the image quality overall, looked superior to that of the Riva family of chipsets, there is still some breaking up in the sky in the game Incoming, which is probably a deficiency in the Gouraud Shading and Bilinear Filtering.

The Intel Linux Discrete GPU Driver Updated -- For Their Two Decade Old i - Phoronix

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The Intel can select only small chunk of texture if the rest of the raster map is not needed for rendering. Having reduced texture transfers to a fraction of usual amount the i intel i740 video amazing performance considering its reliance on system memory. It was only the summer of and prices of i AGP cards were already falling like a rock.

It required special bridge chip emulating AGP texturing with on-board memory, since i can only work with Intel i740 video aperture. These more complicated boards with more total memory cost around twice as much as discounted AGP cards, but intel i740 video was still reasonable. Not that many were sold and nowadays are valued by collectors. When i AGP failed to reach high end expectations some reviewers blamed the AGP texturing for slowing down actually powerful accelerator.


That is why PCI cards were supposed to do better, in fact it was widespread believe intel i740 video nobody made a comparative review. Maybe it is about time to make one? If only people looked at the intel i740 video. Forums Search Forums Recent Posts.The Intel, or i (codenamed Auburn), is a nm graphics processing unit using an AGP interface released by Intel in Intel was hoping to use the i to popularize the AGP port, while most was the use of on-board memory exclusively for the display frame buffer, with all textures being kept in the computer. Intel alos offered other products for graphics workstations like RapidCAD but these engines executing in parallel to deliver high performance 3d, 2d and video.

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