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For ultimate control, you can instantiate and use a Session capybara javascript. Capybara does not try to guess what kind of selector you are going to give it, and will always use CSS by default.

Cucumber: Detect if the current Capybara driver supports Javascript

If you want to use XPath, you'll need to do:. Capybara provides a number of other built-in selector types. The full list, along with applicable filters, can be seen at built-in selectors. Capybara also allows you to add custom selectors, which can be very useful if you find yourself using the same kinds of capybara javascript very often. The examples below are very simple, and there are many available features not demonstrated. For more in-depth examples please see Capybaras built-in selector definitions. You can now use these selectors like this:. As an example:. You might expect this to find all script tags in the body, but actually, it finds all script tags in the entire document, not only those in the body!

Struggling Towards Reliable Capybara Javascript Testing – Bibliographic Wilderness

What you're looking for is the. Capybara makes capybara javascript convenient to switch between different drivers. It also capybara javascript an API to tweak those drivers with whatever settings you want, or to add your own drivers.

This is how to override the selenium driver configuration to use chrome:. Whatever is returned from the block should conform to the API described by Capybara::Driver::Base, capybara javascript does not however have to inherit from this class. Gems can use this API to add their own drivers to Capybara. Capybara javascript Selenium wiki has additional info about how the underlying driver can be configured.

Access to session and request is not possible from the test, Access to capybara javascript is limited. Learn more and download a free copy. What is Capybara? Integration and Acceptance Testing The terminology for integration and acceptance testing is quite broad within the Rails community. capybara javascript

capybara javascript Five Tips for Writing Capybara Tests 1. More Robust Element Search with Scopng If you have a large page, scoping your Capybara page assertions can be considered a good practice. When you go to the root URL of the app, this message is loaded, sent to the page, and displayed via JavaScript.

Struggling Towards Reliable Capybara Javascript Testing

This ensures that our tests will only pass if both JavaScript and the database are working. If you want to confirm that the test fails without JavaScript support, you can check out commit The "browser" we'll be running the tests capybara javascript is PhantomJS, so you will need to install version 1. It uses the WebKit framework capybara javascript a headless browser.

We get almost all the speed of being headless with Rack::Testbut the power of a full, real-world JavaScript interpreter. Even though the whole point is to run WebKit without windows, the compilation process has dependencies on Qt. This guy agrees with meso do others if you google. In a newly generated Rails 4. Except in at least some maybe capybara javascript Well, what this config actually does in Rails 4. I just set them both.


All capybara javascript stuff has been seriously refactored in Rails 5. When scouring the web for anything related to Capybara, I found this, and fixed it up to do as recommended. None of it helped ultimately.

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Dan Dorman turned it into a gem. So I abandoned it.


Featured on Meta.If the application that you are testing is a Rack app, but not Rails, set Capybara javascript. app to your Rack app: = MyRackApp. If you need to test JavaScript. A tutorial and example configuration for running JavaScript tests in Rails/RSpec/ Capybara. - CodingItWrong/rails-rspec-capybara-javascript.

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