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Understanding Digital Modem Network Modules on Cisco and Series Routers - Cisco

Collecting this data is cumbersome for both customers and the engineers requesting the information. There are several commands you use to upgrade modem code. Cisco mica modem help with the decision, Figure shows a hypothetical release process. You can control the modem code by using the copy command as discussed later.

Table provides scenarios that can occur when you upgrade Cisco IOS software or modem code. You decide to revert to the bundled version. Cisco releases new modem code, which is a cisco mica modem version than the version currently running on the modems. You decide to use Cisco's newest modem code. For more details about mappingsee Table If either card is not identified then proceed below:. Remove the two carrier cards and swap them between slots on the chassis. Hence, the carrier card in slot 1 is now in slot 2 and vice versa. If the symptom continues, then the problem could be due to the carrier card or all cisco mica modem modem modules in it. See details. Item location:. Gilbert, Arizona, United States.

Ships to:. United States and many other countries See details.

Understanding Digital Modem Network Modules on Cisco 3600 and 3700 Series Routers

The options are asynchronous framing, synchronous framing, or disconnect hangup. This means that the host modem never received the XID frame during error correction negotiation.

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The cisco mica modem XID frame is incompatible with local settings. The received XID frame is incompatible with the host modem's settings. For example, the client modem may indicate MNP5, whereas the host modem indicates V. This is the normal LAP-M disconnect. This disconnect reason occurs during call setup and data mode 0x0x, and 0xA The call terminated normally with a proper clear down from the client side. The client modem dropped DTR and cleanly negotiated a clear-down protocol. Received DM frame. Peer is possibly disconnecting.


This disconnect reason occurs in call setup and data mode 0x, 0x, and 0xA The client modem indicates that it is disconnecting. During call setup, this reason indicates that cisco mica modem client modem is giving up on negotiating error correction. Received a bad sequence number.

This disconnect reason occurs in data mode 0x and 0xA Cisco mica modem Ports Qty. Miscellaneous Color. Inventory and Ecommerce Management. Use the show modem command to verify that you are downloading to a supported 56K modem. The specified modem is held in reset mode.


The portware will not download to this modem. Take the modem out of reset mode, then copy the portware again. Reissue the copy tftp flash command and copy the portware file again. This section lists the procedures you need to complete the following configuration tasks to configure the modem modules:. Download this chapter. Cisco periodically releases new cisco mica modem code versions with bug fixes or new modem features that improve your system's overall modem performance.

It will work with terminal servers that offer a separate TCP port for each serial port that is offered. It sounds to me like the generic modem route should perform cisco mica modem is needed and I am curious what was tried and failed before that route was abandoned.

The digital modem network modules significantly enhance the dial access flexibility and scalability of the Cisco platform series. However, if the problem does not follow the module, rather it remains with the the cisco mica modem, we can conclude that the particular slot on the carrier card is faulty.AS Modem ISDN Channel Aggregation (MICA) Modem Module: Access cisco mica modem specifications, documents, downloads, Visio stencils, product images, and. MICA and NextPort Modem Tech-Support Command Additions The commands show tech-support modem (for the Cisco AS and AS access servers).

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