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Expand search. Log in Account Management. Are you connected remotely to this system?

That mirror driver shouldn't be used unless you are, so this should be working. I'm embarrassed! Yeah, there it is.

Disabling or Removing the LANDesk Remote Control Mirror Driver

I'm not connected remotely to this system, it's my lenovo t thinkpad laptop. I updated my post to reflect my bad eyesight. Just that easy, eh? I'll give it a try and reply tomorrow. Thanks gentlemen! The specific devices are CAD landesk disable mirror with high graphics capabilities.

So what is the problem I hear you ask!!! Well the first question is why would the mirror driver not work faster, given that is what it is supposed to achieve? The secone and more important question is when remote controlling to the workstation, screen refresh is good, however the mouse pointer does not reflect landesk disable mirror the mouse pointer actualy shows on the landesk disable mirror workstation.


This is important given the CAD Workstations Application tells the user what actions they can perfgorm based landesk disable mirror the mouse icon displayed. Any ideas? Okay first time here and well there are problems gathered up in our system. We have checked Component services landesk and landesk1.

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User identify settings have been triple checked and we have no remote landesk disable mirror now allowed to any computers, well we have 2 virtual computers that are test machines and they work. Was it port which was in one of these problems mentioned is also allowed. Now we currently need more suggestions which landesk disable mirror to go to get the new Landesk version going.

Ivanti User Community : All Content - Remote Control

All of your actions are in real-time on that device. Management Suite enables you to remote control these device types:.

Use the remote control viewer to remotely access a device. You can do a lot more than just remote control a device from the viewer window. Once the viewer connects landesk disable mirror a device, you can choose from these tasks:.

You can do multiple viewer tasks on a device at the same time. When you activate a viewer task, the interface for that task appears in landesk disable mirror viewer window. Once you've taken control of a remote device, its screen appears in the viewer window.

Because the viewer window often isn't as big as the remote device's screen, you'll either need to use the autoscroll feature to scroll up, down, and side to side, or use the Move Remote Screen icon to maneuver more easily around the different areas of the remote screen. Also, autoscroll automatically scrolls the window as the mouse pointer approaches the viewer window's edge. You can also increase the viewer window displayable area by disabling items in the View menu, such as connection messages, the toolbar, or the status bar. Re: Launch Problem Post by Dr. Install the minor update, to update your game to 1. This article describes the steps involved in completely removing a remote console, agent, and other settings from a remote device.

The article will include standard methods for removal but it will also include steps to thoroughly check landesk disable mirror manually remove services, files, drivers, etc that may be left behind when an application becomes corrupted. Run field in RC viewer not showing file from system The installation will finish in one minute.The only way I've found to remove the mirror driver is either disabling it or or landesk disable mirror the mirror driver from all of our clients through LANDesk. Please see doc: How to uninstall the Ivanti / LANDESK Agent for Windows for more Step 5: Check for the Remote Control Mirror Driver.

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