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Viavi (JDSU) SmartClass - Ethernet - Livingston

Ethernet Testers. Literature Software Downloads. After starting the test, the tester automatically displays test results associated with your application. Backlight key Use the backlight key adjust the brightness on a color display, or if you have a black and white display, to turn the LCD backlight on or off or jdsu smartclass ethernet tester the contrast.

You can also adjust the contrast on your LCD by pressing and holding the jdsu smartclass ethernet tester key, and then simultaneously pressing the right arrow to increase contrastor the left arrow to decrease contrast. Figure 2 shows the connector panel. The USB device port is used to establish connections that allow you to run reports from a remote device typically a PC or laptop or update the soft- ware using the Download Manager utility. To power ON your tester — Press and hold the Power key for 1 second. For example, if you were running the L2 Traffic Test application, and you were specifying the required link settings when you put the tester into sleep mode, jdsu smartclass ethernet tester Link Settings configuration menu appears when you power on the tester.

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The Power Control menu appears. The test stops, and then the user interface disappears. When you are ready to resume testing, press the Power key for 1 second to redisplay the user interface.


A message briefly appears informing you that the tester is shut- ting down. Power is OFF. Navigating the user interface The user interface of the SmartClass is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Show More Show Less. SmartClass Provide the anonymous id. A lower cost loopback only non-traffic generating version of the tester is available to perform the loopback at the remote end to reduce outlay. Jdsu smartclass ethernet tester found the right supplier yet? Show More Show Less.

Changing the date or time format The following procedure describes how to change the date or time format on your tester. The format is changed. Setting the date or time The following procedure describes how to set the date or time. The date or time is set. Jdsu smartclass ethernet tester the contrast The following procedure describes how to adjust the contrast. The contrast is set. You can also press and hold the Backlight key, and then press the right and left arrows to adjust contrast of the display.


Loading software upgrades You can upgrade the software on your tester using the Download Manager utility. The option is enabled. Verifying enabled options After options are enabled, they are listed on jdsu smartclass ethernet tester Set Options screen. The installed options are listed under Installed:. A screen briefly appears indicating the type of battery you specified, and then the System Settings menu appears. Restoring factory defaults The following procedure describes how to restore the Ethernet Tester to use factory default test application and system settings.

JDSU SmartClass Ethernet Optical Electrical Tester

Factory defaults are restored. These packets carry a time stamp used to calculate a variety of test results. Typically this involves out-of-service testing to determine the link status, the pair status of each MDI or MDI-X pair, the pair assignments for M links, the polarity for each MDI pair, jdsu smartclass ethernet tester the pair skew.

If the link is inactive, you can also use the tester to determine the nature of the fault. A jdsu smartclass ethernet tester briefly appears stating that the tester is launching the test application, then a test menu appears.

Cable diagnostics are complete. To measure optical power 1 Power on the Ethernet Tester, and connect it to the link.

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A menu of test applications for testing Base-X optical Ethernet appears. A message briefly appears jdsu smartclass ethernet tester that the tester is launching the test application, then the Optical Signal result category appears, indicating whether a signal is present, the optical receive level, and the type of SFP detected by the tester. Optical power is measured. Launches a menu of test applications for testing Mbps optical Ethernet.

A test menu appears for the application, listing the following options: — Configuration.Ethernet Loopback completes the JDSU Ethernet field test portfolio. Ethernet Services Testing. The SmartClass Ethernet provides an economical 1 G Ethernet.

Entry-level Ethernet test solution for up to 1G electrical/optical Ethernet interfaces with VLAN, Q-in-Q tags, or MPLS labels and verification of Carrier Ethernet.

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