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We can set the allowLocalTransactions property on our bitronix.

PoolingConnectionFactory bean:. My original tied-to-an-app-server XA example used Hsqldb xa to start hsqldb xa transaction at the service layer entry point, but I removed all that when I stripped off the service layer for this integration test.

2.6. Sample Configurations

I followed the instructions for using pre-release versions of BTM with Maven and then went over to the Spring integration instructions :. ClassNotFoundException: org. BasicDataSource class. hsqldb xa

HyperSQL changes the order of tables in a query in order to optimise processing. This happens only when one of the tables has a narrowing condition and reordering does not change the result of the query. In addition, HyperSQL will use an index if one exists for IN conditions, whether constants, variable, or subqueries are used on the right-hand side of the IN hsqldb xa.


Multicolumn IN conditions can also use an index. HyperSQL can always use indexes when several conditions are combined with the AND operator, choosing a condition which can use an index. This now hsqldb xa to all equality conditions on multiple columns that are part of an index.


HyperSQL will also use indexes when several conditions are combined with the OR operator and each condition can use an index each condition may use a different index. For example, if a huge table has two separate columns for first name and last name, and both columns are indexed, a query such as the following example will use the indexes and complete in a short time:. In each SELECT statement, at least one index per table can be used if there is a query conditions that can use the index. When conditions on a table are combined with the OR operator, and each condition can use an index, multiple indexes per table are used. In the hsqldb xa below the maximum value for the TB.

HSQLDB example - - insert, into, into, table, table, values

COL3 below is returned. This particular optimisation applies to cases in which all the columns in the SELECT list are from hsqldb xa same table and are covered by a single index, and any join or query condition uses this index.

In this situation, the use of index allows the query processor hsqldb xa access only the number of rows specified in the LIMIT clause, instead of building the whole result set, which can hsqldb xa huge. DESC is specified in the query.

If there is an equality or range condition e. In the two examples below, the index on TA.


COL3 is used and only up to rows are processed and returned. But if the query contains an equality condition hsqldb xa another indexed column in the table, this may take precedence and no index may be used for ORDER BY. In the example below there hsqldb xa an index on TA.

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COL1 as well as the index on TA. Normally the index on TA.

JBoss 7 HSQLDB XA Datasource

COL3 to be hsqldb xa for selecting the first rows. All SQL statements are executed in sessions. When a connection is established to the database, a session is started. The authorization of the session is hsqldb xa name of the user that started the session.

A session has several properties.I'm not sure if the problem hsqldb xa with Wildfly for HSQLDB but Wildfly can't seem to create a connection to HSQLDB when it's configured as an XA Datasource. As of HSQLDB supports XA and the proper classes seem to be in hsqldb xa jar file. Here's the configuration in and. For use by XA data source factories, not by end users. The JDBCDataSourceFactory can be used to get instances of this class. The methods of the superclass.

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