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The following algorithms are currently available, generally in increasing order of quality. This generally yields poor results on modern inkjet printers, particularly models that offer multiple drop sizes, but it can yield very good results on laser printers. It is a good choice for printing text or line art where no grayscale or color is used, and also epson pm3500c very well when Threshold color correction is used. It produces somewhat better results on modern inkjet printers that offer multiple drop sizes, but offers no advantages on laser printers or old generally pre inkjet printers.

It is somewhat slower than those algorithms. It utilizes a fixed pattern that is generally free of artifacts, but it has some noise roughness of texture that may be objectionable with smooth-toned images. It is an excellent choice for printing draft copies of business graphics or photographs charts, etc. This may reduce certain kinds of color banding artifacts but may be a epson pm3500c noisier than Ordered. epson pm3500c

This algorithm may produce different colors than other algorithms, and if color management is used, separate profiles should be created if this algorithm is used. Epson pm3500c uses a fixed pattern in highlights to avoid artifacts, and error diffusion at higher densities to reduce noise.

It is an excellent choice for printing business graphics due to its lack of artifacts and smooth texture in darker tones. This algorithm is well-suited for printing photographs, but is not epson pm3500c suitable for printing solid-tone graphics.

Printing problems

It uses the fixed pattern of Ordered dithering to break up the artifacts of Even Tone dithering. The result is not quite as smooth as pure Even Tone, but the reduction of artifacts makes this an excellent choice for photographs or photographs mixed with other graphics. It assumes that the output is already dithered and generates the appropriate drops based only on the values provided. It divides the input range into subranges within which only one drop size is used; the smallest subrange is used to indicate that all drop sizes may be used. This is normally used in combination with the test pattern generator to tune drop sizes on printers, and has no real use for normal printing.

SegmentedNew epson pm3500c a combination of OrderedNew and Segmented. Linear Contrast Adjustment The standard contrast control does not adjust the black and white points of the output; black in the input becomes black in the output, for example. The result is that if contrast is reduced below 1, the contrast in the highlights and shadows is actually increased to keep the same total tonal range. Gimp-Print 4. If contrast was increased, the contrast was stretched until the output reached either black or white; anything lighter always printed as white and anything darker as black.

Turning this control on selects the old Gimp-Print 4. This control is normally turned off. These controls may be used to darken a solid, pure black, or eliminate puddling wet ink left on the paper that does not dry in the printer if needed. They may also be useful for adjusting the behavior of non-standard inks. They should not be used to lighten or darken the print if the black level is correct. These controls are adjustments — they adjust the epson pm3500c of ink relative to the amount selected by the driver for the paper and resolution chosen. Density Value This control adjusts the total amount of ink used in all channels ink colors.

Gutenprint User's Manual

It may be used to lighten or darken the output overall if the shadows darkest regions are too light or have too much ink being printed. If the darkest epson pm3500c of the ouutpt are satisfactory, there is normally no reason epson pm3500c adjust this value.

This control is actually an adjustment value; the base density level is determined by the driver taking into account printer, resolution, paper type, etc. If you want to specify absolute density, you epson pm3500c select Raw for Color Correction. They may be used to correct the amount of ink if needed to strengthen or weaken particular colors e. They should not be used to correct gray balance to produce neutral gray — the gray balance controls described below should be used for that purpose. epson pm3500c

These per- channel density values are multiplied by the base density and by the density value described above to generate the final per-channel density. Ink Limit Value This control adjusts the maximum amount of ink that the driver will use to print with. This may be used if you want to use large amounts of particular inks to achieve saturated dark colors, without using excessive ink overall that will result in ink puddling or spilling within the printer. This control should be used only by people very experienced in inkjet printing.

This is an absolute parameter; it is not scaled epson pm3500c the base density value. For example, if gray prints somewhat greenish, it can be corrected by increasing the magenta balance or decreasing the yellow and cyan balance, if the grays are too dark. Note that auxiliary inks, such as the red and blue inks on the Epson Stylus Photo R, are not used to generate composite gray.

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On most epson pm3500c, using a linear ink scale that is, the amount of ink is directly proportional to the input value will produce very dark highlights, as even quite small amounts of ink produce very strong colors or gray. Therefore, the driver uses epson pm3500c ink to produce lighter colors.

This does not affect the darkest epson pm3500c S bjc-s CANON S escp2-c20sx EPSON Stylus C20SX escp2-pmc EPSON PMC escp2-pmpx EPSON PMPX. escp2-c40ux, EPSON Stylus C40UX.


escp2-c41sx escp2-pro-xl, EPSON Stylus Color Pro XL. escp escp2-pmc, EPSON PMC. escp

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