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(Debian) No Sound on ThinkPad T22 Motherboard Forums

Pentium III. Clock Speed. Optical Storage Drive Type.

Floppy Drive Type. Any suggestions?

Audio stutters badly on IBM Thinkpad T22 (CS4280, clcs(4) driver) with OpenBSD 4.9-stable

Cache Memory Type. L2 cache.

Installed Size. Memory RAM. When I get those errors after a resume and I try mplayer or anything that uses sound I get ibm thinkpad t22 sound with errors on dmesg and the computer just hangs for a bit until I kill the program that was using the sound card. This will do x, but XVideo is still funny, at least on my machine.

The XVideo Xv extension "doesn't work quite right" at a bit color depth. X ibm thinkpad t22 sound memory video XShm delivers acceptable performance at bit color if the player window is small, but if you want to watch fullscreen video via Xv, you'll have to run X at bit color.


This is not a major inconvenience as you can leave a second X server running by typing from a second virtual console startx -- :1 -depth You can change that by playing with X key bindings, but I haven't bothered to as I never use the ibm thinkpad t22 sound "numeric keypad" anyway. Ordinarily this is fixed by restarting ALSA, but if for example Galeon is running and using sound, ALSA cannot be restarted on resume since it believes Galeon is still using the sound device and will not relinquish control. If Mozilla or Galeon, ibm thinkpad t22 sound some other programs is running with Flash or possibly other pluginsit will be killed.

  • Audio stutters badly on IBM Thinkpad T22 (CS, clcs(4) driver) with OpenBSD stable
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  • I lost all sound on my ibm thinkpad t22

Thinkpad R See ThinkWiki page for details. Infrared and TV out untested, Modem works with correct drivers, see DialupModemHowto and follow the instructions to get and use ScanModem to determine what modem is present and how to get the drivers for ibm thinkpad t22 sound.

(Debian) No Sound on ThinkPad T22

Breezy Installs, but kernel doesn't boot. I've been using Ubuntu as my main OS since I switch from debian. How can I tell if my Windows operating system is bit or bit?

After that, you can post your question and our members will help you out. Share Post. Motherboard Forums.

Windows NT ibm thinkpad t22 sound. Windows 95 or 98 Screen expansion is not supported for DVD playback to external TV at x, or bit color mode. In systems with Windows 98 installed, when a wireless LAN adapter PC card is installed the system will require a longer time to boot from a power off condition.

Approximately seconds boot time is to be expected. Normal boot times without a wireless PC card installed are approximately 70 to seconds, depending on specific configurations.After a new install of Win Pro on an IBM thinkpad T22, I downloaded and installed the needed drivers from Lenovo and still have no sound. I recently revived my ThinkPad T23 with a Transcend 32GB SSD and CS chipset does not support SBPro/SB16 DOS emulation (IBM's tawbook must that the T23 (unlike the T22) offers ibm thinkpad t22 sound Sound Blaster support at all.

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