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Now here what is written inside the virtuoso.

SMALLINT vs short or... int?

DriverManager; import java. Most databases support Connections that remain open for hours at a time. There's no need to churn through all your Connections every few seconds or minutes. Setting maxConnectionAge or maxIdleTime to 30 jdbc3 vs jdbc4 is quite aggressive. For most databases, several hours may be more appropriate.

You can ensure the reliability of your Connections by testing them, rather than by tossing them. The only one of these parameters that jdbc3 vs jdbc4 generally be set to a few minutes or less is maxIdleTimeExcessConnections.

Is ema (JDBC4) supported? · Issue #9 · swaldman/c3p0 · GitHub

Pooled Connections can go bad for a variety of reasons -- some JDBC drivers intentionally "time-out" long-lasting database Connections; back-end databases or networks sometimes go down jdbc3 vs jdbc4 pooled Connections; and Connections can simply become corrupted over time and use due to resource leaks, driver bugs, or other causes. When configuring Connection testing, first try to minimize the cost of each test. jdbc3 vs jdbc4

jdbc3 vs jdbc4 By default, c3p0 will use that method if it is present. However, if your driver does not support this new-ish API, c3p0's default behavior is to test Connections by calling the getTables method on a Connection's associated DatabaseMetaData object. This has the jdbc3 vs jdbc4 of being very robust and working with any database, regardless of the database schema.

However, a call to DatabaseMetaData. Be careful, however.


Setting preferredTestQuery will lead to errors as Connection tests fail if the query target table does not exist in your jdbc3 vs jdbc4 prior to initialization of your DataSource. If a table-independent query is not sufficient, instead of preferredTestQueryyou can set the parameter automaticTestTable. Using the name you provide, c3p0 will create an empty table, and make a simple query against it to test the database. The most reliable time to test Connections is on check-out.

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But this is also the most costly choice from a client-performance jdbc3 vs jdbc4. Most applications should work quite reliably using a combination of idleConnectionTestPeriod and testConnectionOnCheckin.

Both the idle test and the check-in test are performed asynchronously, which can lead to better performance, both perceived and actual. For some applications, high performance is more important than the risk of an occasional database exception. In its default configuration, c3p0 does no Connection testing at all. Setting a fairly long idleConnectionTestPeriodand not testing on checkout and check-in at all jdbc3 vs jdbc4 an excellent, high-performance approach. Please see Configuring DefaultConnectionTester.

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Advanced users may define any kind of Connection testing they wish, by implementing a ConnectionTester and supplying the fully qualified name of the class as connectionTesterClassName. See the api docs for more information. If you know you want to use the jdbc4 Connection. For other databases, look for suggestions here. Whenever an unreturned Connection times out, that stack trace will be printed, revealing where jdbc3 vs jdbc4 Connection was checked out that was not checked in promptly. Timer threadsand does so lazily in response to the first client request experienced by a PooledDataSource.

Jdbc3 vs jdbc4 default, the Threads spawned by c3p0 inherit a java. If that Thread came from a client that may need to be hot-undeployed, references to these objects may prevent the undeployed application, often partitioned into a ClassLoaderfrom being garbage collected.

Configuring Impala to Work with JDBC x Cloudera Documentation

See for example this description of Tomcat memory leaks on redeployment. The default which yields the default behavior described above is caller. Set this to library to use c3p0's ClassLoader, so that no reference is maintained to a client that jdbc3 vs jdbc4 need to be redeployed.you are using the jdbc interface from classes, so the type of driver will not have any logic impact in your code, it will only have runtime. SQL Anywhere jdbc3 v jdbc4. Hi. I am experimenting with my first transformation and if I covnect with this jdbc driver ver there is no .

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