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What can I do if the update from the handset was interrupted? To perform gigaset sl910 firmware update again, please do as follows: Close the application. Disconnect USB cable from the phone.

Remove battery from your phone. Put the battery back in phone is blinking.

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Reconnect USB cable. Start Gigaset QuickSync.

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Start firmware update again. Please Note: Updating via Bluetooth is not supported. During the update procedure: Do not disconnect your device from the PC for any reason. Do not turn off your PC, or activate hibernate or stand-by modes. If you are using a laptop or netbook, please ensure your PC is gigaset sl910 up with a power supply. Be patient, the update will take gigaset sl910 to 10 minutes without download time.

The phone will disconnect and connect several times. Do not interrupt this procedure.

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First steps for troubleshooting. Operating a Gigaset at routers. Reset base. Press and hold the key on the base station. Plug in the power supply again. As a manufacturer of quality products, Gigaset is taking this precautionary measure to rule out any safety risks due to the batteries, which all come from one supplier. Affected consumers are strongly urged gigaset sl910 stop using the batteries in question right away gigaset sl910 replace them with new ones.

Batteries from the Gigaset SL series component number VKX gigaset sl910 up to and including calendar week 38 in They are identifiable by the production date printed on them e. Although the number of incidents connected to the lithium-ion batteries is extremely low, Gigaset has reported them gigaset sl910 the relevant authorities because of the potential risk of fire from them. To rule out any hazard from batteries that may be faulty, all affected users are strongly urged to stop using the batteries in question. The battery should be removed from the phone and disposed of properly. The cause has been cleared up and the new batteries are in perfect working order. Quality Management at Gigaset Communications GmbH has already cleared up the cause with the battery supplier and achieved a reliable solution.

Gigaset will provide free replacement batteries at short notice. Gigaset regrets and apologizes to customers for any inconvenience as a result of this safety measure. The problem, which occurs very sporadically and whose gigaset sl910 has been identified, relates solely to the lithium-ion batteries used in the Gigaset SL series. The main production site in Bocholt, North Rhine-Westphalia, makes more than 15 million phones a year. A total of more than million have already left gigaset sl910 plant. With this information, Gigaset Communications GmbH is fulfilling its statutory obligations and acting in the interests of its customers and to ensure maximum safety for them.

Manual for removing the battery: Download. The possibility of injury due to the battery overheating is extremely low. However, to eliminate all risk, the affected batteries must be replaced.

Support for Gigaset SL Gigaset

gigaset sl910 Individual lithium-ion batteries should be properly disposed of at your local recycling centers. For more detailed information on recycling, please contact your local authority or gigaset sl910 disposal service. Product warning: The cell may overheat in rare cases. Improvements and Changes with Firmware Update handset: New version :.


Telephony was only possible after reconnecting the power supply. This behavior is corrected with Firmware version Improvements gigaset sl910 changes base station: versionhandset: version :. Use our customer service portal to receive support for your Gigaset SL Your Gigaset is compatible with the majority of digital hearing aids on the market.

However, perfect function with all hearing aids cannot be guaranteed. The phone may cause interference in analogue hearing aids gigaset sl910 or whistling or cause them to overload.The Gigaset SL is our first home phone with an intuitive, full-touch user interface on gigaset sl910 large, 3,2” touchscreen.


With its elegant, high-quality metal handset. Welcome to the support resource for your Gigaset SL On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions. Manuals as well as gigaset sl910 and.

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