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A driver that worked tremendously, but was plagued by an extremely loud sound at impact that cleveland launcher dst similar to breaking glass. The Launcher DST has a nice high pitched tone, that is nothing like that and it was a welcome surprise.

First impression: Cleveland Launcher DST driver

Overall Cleveland Golf is on quite a role in with their new equipment line and for consumers that is wonderful news as it creates more choices to find the ideal gear for your game. This driver definitely fits the cleveland launcher dst motto of do not judge a book by its cover!

A classic and subtle looking piece of equipment like the Launcher DST is loaded with technology that could help just about any golfer. Email Address.

Want MyGolfSpy's email newsletter? Jul 25, 1, Comments. Could the stiffness of the shaft not account for the loss of accuracy in your test?


Austin 8 years ago. Most Popular 1.

Cleveland launcher dst have never played with anything less than a Keep up the good work guys and I will continue to direct eyes to your site whenever I can. I am not one to give out unsolicited advice or recommendations to other golfers, but I always direct people to you if equipment is ever the topic of conversation. Although this testing and review method does seem much more comprehensive than other publications and sites, I do have a concern.


Since we all know the benefits of club fitting and that a golfer who has a high swing speed should be using different specs to the same club as a slow swinger, why are all the testers using the same loft and shaft combination despite the fact that those not being appropriate to their swing? What if the testers are gaining performance because the test club just happens to be closer to what they need in loft and shaft flex and not because of the club cleveland launcher dst itself. Poor This golf club shows considerable wear but is usable.

Video Review. Related Information. It is awesome. What we say Impressive right? Ok, well.

Cleveland Launcher DST Driver

It has a pretty sweet sound too. So with a total weight of just grams, the DST is just about the lightest driver out there and just swishing the club gives an cleveland launcher dst indication you can whip it through the impact zone. Different strokes for different folks for sure and I can imagine that the the DST could help people with slower clubhead speed or shorter people who can get more distance with the shaft length standing farther away from the ball but… I will never make the mistake or switching away from Taylormade again. Thought-provoking discussionI learned a lot from the informationDoes anyone know if I would be able to get access to a sample a form document to fill out? The elemental query is the extent of protection the Client needs and their resources to realize that level.

Cleveland Launcher DST Driver 2nd Swing Golf

Check out our contests! Contest: Open Championship. I topped the crap out of one of my tee shots and cleveland launcher dst still managed to find the fairway right next to the mark. You can purchase this club at GolfSmith as well as many other club retail locations. Does it launch as high as your It produces faster clubhead speed for greater overall distance yards. Great Driver I'm pleased with the results cleveland launcher dst I'm getting with this Driver.

Cleveland Launcher DST Driver - Review

This one will give me about 15 to 20 more yards. Plus a good golf ball will definitily help.


I am planning on cutting about 1 inch from the shaft since I am more used to a 44 inch shaft. This makes it feel too weak, but the low torque prevents the club from twisting and the dispersion was very good. You can see the deflection in the shaft in the video. Cleveland launcher dst comparison, the Miyazaki Black shaft felt very strong and stable but not too boardy. A big swing is required to really bend these babies if you go with the Extra Stiff flex. Personally, I think the Miyazaki shafts will be a huge success.

The more you close cleveland launcher dst face of a club, the greater the dynamic loft at impact becomes. The video above can give you an idea of what the club sounds like at impact. This makes it feel too weak, but the low torque prevents the club from twisting and the dispersion was very good. You can see the deflection in the shaft in the video.The Launcher DST features what Cleveland calls Sub G Ultralight Technology (quite a mouthful). Cleveland worked with Mitsubishi to. A few weeks back I received the new Cleveland Launcher DST Driver to put through the paces and review. After logging four cleveland launcher dst and just as.

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