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Denny Conway: Just wanted to let you know that I received the replacement printer yesterday. So that actually took one day for Epson to ship. I am very impressed that this has worked out cx5400 printer well as it did. My warranty will be up on the 16th so I just made cx5400 printer under the gun.

Epson Stylus CX - Epson

I only have a 30 day warranty now with the replacement. Thank you to everyone for your help. Cx5400 printer I never did get the tubes back together. I just made a mess. Linda - Anonymous.

Linda: Its good to know that Epson Company came thru for you and so quickly at that. I hope your replacement printer works out better than the first printer did I get cx5400 printer pages now.

Epson Stylus CX5400 printing problem

After cx5400 printer investigating I found that its not the disconnected tube issue that seems to be so common but that same tube is clogged with solid ink. I was able to detach it from the front and remove some of the solid ink but its still pretty clogged. Any advice on how to best remove this dried ink cx5400 printer the tube? I am afraid to remove the tube from the printer as it looks like it would be very difficult to put back.

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Its difficult for me to get cx5400 printer fingers in that small space to begin with. Joe: Most people use hot water to try and dissolve that ink clog in the tubes and some cx5400 printer reported sucess using pipe cleaners to run thru those tubes. If the hot water does not work, then you may need to use the actual "Epson Print Head Cleaning Solution", which is designed by epson company to dissolve its inks.

Just so you will know: If you ever use the hot water to clean the actual print head assembly, then you should actually use Distilled Water, because it has less chemicals and mineral in it, that could actually cause nore problems in that assembly Just in case you need it: You might want to try using the cx5400 printer Stylus Head Cleaning Solution", available through fixyourownprinter. However, that solution will only help, if there is an actual clog. It includes a syringe and some epson print head cleaning solution, which is designed to dissolve most clogs, especially if you were using epson inks Denny, Thanks so much for the info, I'll give it a shot.

Epson Stylus CX printing problem FixYourOwnPrinter

Regards, Joe - Anonymous. I had a problem similiar to the ones listed in this thread I followed the advice found on Wes's website to determine if my print tube cx5400 printer disconnected, it was. After reattaching it, and running several head cleaning operations 9 totalI am now having a new problem. When I run the nozzle check I am getting a 'partial' pattern that begins with "ZM" and what looks like an address 27E5, and D respectively for the two times I ran the nozzle check. The first string is the firmware reversion, it identifies your printer and it varies depending by printer models. The latter is protection counter current value, it measures the amount of ink discharged into waste ink pads and it increases each time the printer performs a cleaning cycle or clean the cap assembly.

Partial pattern printing can be caused by compatible cartridges when they don't seal correctly with printer carriage or by clogs.

Epson Stylus CX5400 All-in-One Printer Ink

My printer cx5400 printer not printing magenta. I ran a few nozzle checks and the magenta lines are spotty at best.

I did the head cleanings a few times. I cx5400 printer bought a new Epson Magenta cartridge. Am I missing something? The other colors are printing fine.


BTW, how long is the warranty? I can't find my paperwork. My wife brought home a used CX cx5400 printer it wouldn't print.

I think the printer had been sitting unused for a while. I followed the directions on this site and reconnected the ink tube and also purchased the Epson Cleaning Solution and my results are mixed. I can print Black okay, it does have cx5400 printer ocassional streak in cx5400 printer but I can live with that. The Blue is full of streaks and I can barely get any red or yellow out.

I've followed the directions that came with the cleaning solution and am stuck. What else can I do to get this printer to print?The ideal addition to any home or office, the Epson Stylus® CX all-in-one cx5400 printer long-lasting Photo Quality printing; one touch, standalone color copying. DURABrite® inks produce bold black text and rich, vibrant colors with superior resistance to water, fading and smudging.


Excellent for double-sided printing.

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