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Short-link Link Embed. Context can be established by using a variety of methods.

Anchored instruction e. A current social issues topic, a problem in environmental pollution, a recent news event that can be video-presented to the class, or an example of an applied scientific accomplishment, are examples from various disciplines that can act as the contextual situation as relevant to the topic of the lesson. It is very important that the context is sufficiently generalized to facilitate mobilization later in a variety of relevant circum- stances, including topics of current events and social discourse. Once the situation is well defined as much as possible, subsequent learning activities should be genevalogic mirror to continuously address the context as a theme, thus sparing excessive demand on working memory.

Other means include using a visual organizing display.

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This may include a diagram of suitable generality, but not overly detailed, that otherwise may tax working memory. Genevalogic mirror small-group activities that involve making organizing visual maps such as network diagrams, charts, etcetera may establish a concrete referent that can be used as a context for organizing information in memory as the lesson unfolds. More genevalogic mirror this at a later point. Given the limited capacity of working memory, it is important that the con- textual theme is revisited as the class experience progresses.

These are: primary producers e. These terms, properly defined, can serve as labels for the key ideas needed to develop genevalogic mirror coherent conception of food webs.

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A care- ful plan for a lesson requires some forethought about what are the most important and succinct linking attributes serving as pointers that can be carefully presented or elicited from the students as each labeled idea is introduced. Students need to engage actively in discussing the labeled idea and its linking attributes, perhaps by assembling them as the lesson unfolds into network diagrams related to the context for the lesson, or by other organizing diagrams, story lines, etcetera that permit the la- beled ideas and their linkers to be effectively instantiated in memory. Again, constant reference to the context is critical as each labeled idea and linkers are introduced. Returning to our current example from ecology, when the concept of a pri- mary producer green plants or other photosynthetic organisms is fully developed, a logical progression is to explore the role of primary producers in sustaining other living things by eliciting examples of organisms that consume plants.

It is important to elicit as many linkages as possible within the food chain from genevalogic mirror produc- ers to other predatory organisms, thus increasing the number of possible pointers in memory. The predatory organisms can be labeled as primary consumers, those that feed on primary producers, but also including reciprocal backward directed pointers as well. For example, the primary consumers also control the population size of the primary producers by preying on them, thus these backward-directed links pointers need to be fully discussed and developed.


Forward and backward, reciprocal pointers are significantly important in helping students develop strongly linked knowledge networks. They also provide plasticity in recalling information that allows for multiple relational thinking as students mobilize and organize information for recall in genevalogic mirror ing memory.

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For example, reconsider our sequential order based on size of the Great Lakes. A very different order would be appropriate from the perspective of economic geography, if for example we were asked to explain the transport of goods and mate- rials by ship from the Canadian Maritimes to the midlands; i. For a coherent and genevalogic mirror exposition of informa- tion based on both the physical and economic geography of the Great Lakes, a com- plete set of reciprocal bidirectional pointers in memory would be required.

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While working through the complete sequence of a lesson such as the food web, or one on the Great Lakes, a diagram such as the one illustrated in Figure 2 or 3, can be con- structed, either using digital projection applications e. Roger Anderson Some Recommendations to Remember The important points to remember are to: 1 present the context continu- ously as genevalogic mirror lesson unfolds, 2 clearly establish the relationship of each labeled idea to the broader context in addition to exploring with the students the particular link- ing pointers that are associated with each of the labeled ideas, and 3 use some form of visual representation to exhibit the network of ideas as they are unfolding.

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Multi- modal representations, including where possible assembling images or symbols of the linked ideas that the students manipulate and arrange on charts or maps indi- vidually or in small groupsare an important consideration. The issue of reciprocal relations is of some considerable importance, especially for genevalogic mirror where there is potentially a hierarchical, linear sequential, or other salient ordering pattern. Some students tend to encode the information in a strictly unidirectional way.Compare GenevaLogic Mirror Driver GPU performance. Novabench score: Stacy Vargas.

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