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Hello roniHave you tried adding an additional separate router instead of including both remote exim manualroute under the same router? Hi all! I got some problems with my exim.

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The thing exim manualroute, my PC is behind a exim manualroute, and the only way I found for sending my mails is manualroute. This makes it easy to collect all the mail for one host in a single directory, and to apply local timeout rules on a per-message basis if required.

Routing_to_remote_hosts · Exim/exim Wiki · GitHub

If you are doing this, you should configure Exim with a long retry period for the intermittent host. This stops a lot of failed delivery attempts from occurring, but Exim remembers which messages it has queued exim manualroute for that host. While the host remains connected, any new messages get delivered immediately. Since this has disadvantages for permanently connected hosts, it is best to arrange a separate transport for the intermittently connected ones. Ubuntu Community Ask!

Excluding Specific Sender Domains for Exim version 4. Hello roniHave you tried adding an additional separate router instead of including both remote servers under exim manualroute same router? In the transport exim manualroute the transport for local delivery must be replaced by the following transport definition.

Baruwa Documentation: 2.0.9

Furthermore your Dovecot lmtp service must be adjusted accordingly. For example: here is a Git commit that fixes this exact issue. If it expands to an empty. Each item in the exim manualroute of hosts is either a host name or an IP address, optionally with an attached port number. When no port is given, an IP address is not enclosed in brackets. When a port is specified, it exim manualroute the port specification on the transport. The port is separated from the name or address by a colon. The second router runs only if the senders precondition is satisfied.

It checks for the existence of a list that corresponds to the local part, and then checks that the sender is on the list by means of a linear search.

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Exim manualroute is necessary to check for the existence of the file before trying to search it, because otherwise Exim thinks there is a configuration error. The third router runs only if the second router is skipped, which happens when a mailing list exists, but the sender is not on it.

This router forcibly fails the address, giving a suitable error message. It has been corrected. Home Exim manualroute Tags Users Unanswered.


You need a github login to edit. Exim manualroute list separator can be changed as described in section 6. Mannualroute configuration Group the main configuration options according to chapter 14 of the spec There are a lot of configuration options that go in the first part of the configuration file.


When IPv6 addresses are involved, it gets worse, because they contain colons of exim manualroute own. To make this case easier, it is permitted to enclose an IP address either v4 or v6 in square brackets if a port number follows.

When an address is exim manualroute to an smtp transport by manualrouteeach of the hosts is tried, in the order specified, when carrying out the SMTP delivery. Hosts may be listed by name or by IP address.

SOLVED - exim route_list for 2 remote servers cPanel Forums

Unicorn Meta Zoo 7: Interview with Nicolas. Email Required, but never shown. In general you should look at Exim's routing functionality especially the redirect router when you think of rewriting. The system filter is a legacy exim manualroute the early days of Exim. Routers are much more flexible now, so most routing hacks no longer need the system filter.

The exim manualroute parts of your configuration are implemented in the ACLs and routers.The manualroute router is so-called because it provides a way of manually routing an address according to its domain. It is mainly exim manualroute when you want to route. send_to_smart_host: driver = manualroute route_list =!+local_domains smart. transport = remote_smtp. You can use the smart host's IP address.

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