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Page 86 Note: This mode is only available when printing bit color data. Printing with PhotoEnhance selected may increase the time required for printing, depending on your computer system and the amount of data contained in your image. Standard This setting provides epson stylus c41 series printer image correction for most photos.

Page 87 Using the Custom mode Selecting Custom as the Mode option enables the Custom Settings list, from which you can choose a ready-made setting designed for printing text and graphs. Or, you can select ColorSync, a color-matching method.


You can also create and save your own custom settings. Page 88 3.

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Confirm that the Media Type and Ink settings in the Print dialog box are correct. Making Advanced settings The settings in the Advanced dialog box give you complete control over your printing environment. Page 89 4. Specify a Print Quality setting. Make other settings as necessary.

Cartridges for Epson Stylus C41SX Printers - Ink Station

For details, see online help. Note: The PhotoEnhance feature only affects images, not text or graphs. To delete a setting from the Custom Settings list, select it in the Custom Settings dialog box and click Delete. Page 91 5.

In the Print dialog box, make sure that your print settings are as you want them, and then click Print. Page 92 Previewing your printout The Preview feature allows you to see how your document will look before actually printing it. Follow these steps to preview your document. Make your printer driver settings. Click the Preview icon button in the Print epson stylus c41 series printer box. The Print button changes into a Preview button. Zoom Click this button to enlarge or reduce the size of the previewed page.


When you want to print the document, double-click the file to open EPSON Monitor3, make sure that the correct document is selected, and then click the Resume button to send the data to the printer. Page 95 Choose Page Setup from the File menu of your epson stylus c41 series printer. The Page Setup dialog box appears. You can make the following settings in the Page Setup dialog box. Paper Size Select the paper size that you want to use. To do so, you can either create a new paper size, or base your custom paper size on a pre-existing paper size. Creating a new paper size If the appropriate paper size is not included in the Paper Size list in the Page Setup dialog box, follow the steps below to define a Page 97 2.

Epson Stylus C41SX Ink Cartridges

To define a new paper size, click New. The dialog box updates to allow you to enter a name for the new size. Type a unique name for the paper size in the Paper Size list. Specify the measurement unit as either inch or cm. Page Making Settings In The Layout Dialog Box Copying a pre-existing paper size to use as a template Follow the steps below to copy an existing paper size to epson stylus c41 series printer as a template.

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Select the existing paper size to copy and click Copy. Page Making The Fit To Page Setting The Layout dialog box allows you to automatically match the document size to the paper size, print two or four pages on a single sheet of paper, print poster-size images by enlarging epson stylus c41 series printer page to cover several sheets, place watermarks on documents, or specify the printing order for your print job. Page You can also add your own text-based or image-based watermarks to the Name list. Follow these steps.

Page 3. To change the name of an image watermark, click it in the list, and then type a new name. When a text watermark is selected in the Name list, you can edit the text or change the font and text style by clicking the Edit Text button. Page Epson stylus c41 series printer N-up settings Select N-up as the Multi-Page setting in the Layout dialog box to print two or four pages of your document on one sheet of paper. Page Making Poster settings A single document page can be enlarged to cover 4, 9, or 16 printed sheets of paper.- Epson STYLUS C41UX/C41SX home colour inkjet printers deliver The Epson STYLUS C41 Series printers are available through.

Stylus C41UX, Epson Stylus C41UX, C11C, An Epson out-of-the-box printing solution combining value, quality and creativity., The Complete and.

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