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Microsoft Windows NT 4. The solution is to stop sharing the interrupt between the devices and assign a different PCI interrupt number to each of the devices. For more details, refer to the documentation provided with your 3com 3c905-tx nt or contact your PC manufacturer. If the 3com 3c905-tx nt does not reset the PCI Bus when a warm boot occurs, the EtherLink NIC remains in a running state that can cause problems if there is any network activity before the driver is reloaded. This problem can be avoided by pressing the PC's reset button if your PC has one or by turning the PC completely off before restarting.


To correct this problem, reboot the PC. A symptom includes system lock-up upon initialization of Windows NT.

The possible symptoms include a locked mouse pointer, steady hourglass, or the inability to execute any programs. This 3com 3c905-tx nt has observed only in this model of the NetServer and not on other machines of the NetServer line.


There is no known workaround at this time. Intermittent network connection errors were observed during testing and no known workarounds are available 3com 3c905-tx nt this time. For this particular PC, the bit slot is not supported and 3Com suggests using any available PCI slot other than the bit slot in this system. Install the NIC in the computer.

Refer to the NIC's user guide or to the computer's documentation for complete installation instructions. Start the computer. See the next section for more 3com 3c905-tx nt. Determine whether you have the latest BIOS version for your computer. Contact your computer's manufacturer to make sure that you are using the latest BIOS. Make sure that the BIOS is set up correctly.

HP Netserver E60 - Tested Products List

The correct 3com 3c905-tx nt to press is usually shown on the screen. Save the changes, exit the Setup program, and continue with the installation. Connect one PC the echo server and another PC the echo client together 3com 3c905-tx nt a hub or a switch that generates a constant link beat. Run the Echo Exchange Test. Connect the two PCs together using a crossover cable. CFG file: 1.


CFG [Enter] 2. At this point, you can choose to cancel the installation of driver software and install it later. 3com 3c905-tx nt though the driver installation has been canceled, the fact that the NIC is installed is recorded in the System Registry.

Later, when you 3com 3c905-tx nt the driver software using the Network icon in the Windows Control Panel, the operating system assumes that you are installing another instance of 3com 3c905-tx nt NIC, not installing software for the already recorded instance. To fix this problem, open the System icon in the Windows Control Panel. Remove the one that is marked disabled, and restart your computer. Consult your PC's documentation for the proper steps to disable this option.

Installing The Driver In Windows 98; Windows Nt - 3com 3CCX User Manual [Page 27]

This situation was observed intermittently on multiple machines but does not have any impact on the performance of the NIC. This information is provided for reference only and is subject to change, since Products are continually revised and numerous revision combinations are possible. When I plugged it in and turned 3com 3c905-tx nt on, it booted of course so I could log on and connect to the internet or my LAN. It was just that easy.

I got 3com 3c905-tx nt particular NIC because I needed this specific make and model for device driver testing. The NIC works well, but its only Mbps and probably no less expensive than other good gigabit and newer Mbps units. Windows XP.

Print page 27 Print document 80 3com 3c905-tx nt. Please complete the form before submitting. Table of Contents. Gigabit etherlink server nic pci server nic with dynamicaccess technology pages. Gigabit etherlink server network interface cards nics for novell netware 40 pages. In both cases NT 4. Full Specifications. E-mail This Review. Be sure to unload old NIC drivers first.

3Com Fast EtherLink 3C90x NIC

Pros: Works great, didn't even have to get a driver for it, using it right now to 3com 3c905-tx nt this review.EtherCD v Disk 1 of 2 for the 3C90x Adapter Family. The following Network Interface Cards are supported by this driver: 3CB-TX. Download 3Com 10/ Managed NIC 3CCX-TX-M.

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OS support: Windows 98/Me/NT//XP. Category: Networking.

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