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I create bit applications CVI. What version of the IVI driver should install the x 86 or agilent ivi 64? Hello cat. Please answer the following questions: 1. What is the main purpose of your test application?

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Kind regards Usha Hi Usha, This version isn't out yet. The string has no white space You signed in with another tab or window. Its in the Ivi. I can create a local variable to it. Select a Web Site Choose a web agilent ivi to get translated content where agilent ivi and see local events and offers. Select web site.

Using an IVI-COM Instrument Driver in LabVIEW - National Instruments

Figure 7: Using dotted properties and methods. Figure 9: Selecting help for Initialize method. Figure Viewing context help for AutoRange property. Logical agilent ivi are associated with particular IVI drivers, but they do not necessarily imply that the drivers are currently installed. You can install drivers that do not have a LogicalName property set yet, or drivers whose LogicalName was removed. Open agilent ivi tool by typing:. Click the Software Modules tab.

Pyivi 0.0.8

You should close references to all ActiveX sessions and interfaces when you are finished using them. In Figure 7notice that the sessions to the DCVoltage interface agilent ivi to the driver session are closed after they are used.


An example of how to access the help for the Initialize method is shown in Figure 9. This function initiates an acquisition on the enabled agilent ivi.

Driver - Agilent IVI DMM Interface - Stack Overflow

ProbeAutoSense class class agilent ivi. IviContainer Extension IVI methods for oscilloscopes supporting probe attenuation sensing channels[]. If this attribute is False, the driver disables the automatic probe sense and configures the oscilloscope to use the value of the Probe Attenuation attribute.

The actual probe attenuation the oscilloscope is currently using can be determined from the Agilent ivi Attenuation attribute. ContinuousAcquisition class class ivi.


agilent ivi If the end-user sets this attribute to True, the oscilloscope immediately waits agilent ivi another trigger after the previous waveform acquisition is complete. Setting this attribute to True is useful when the end-user requires continuous updates of the oscilloscope display. This specification does not define the behavior of the read waveform and fetch waveform functions when this attribute is set to True. The behavior of these functions is instrument specific.

AverageAcquisition class class ivi. This attribute affects instrument behavior only when the Acquisition Type attribute is set to Average. SampleMode class class ivi. IviContainer Extension Agilent ivi methods for oscilloscopes supporting equivalent and real time acquisition agilent ivi. IviContainer Extension IVI methods for oscilloscopes supporting specific triggering subsystem behavior in the absence of a trigger trigger.Agilent Support for IVI Instrument Driver Standards.

The IVI (Interchangeable Virtual Agilent ivi Foundation, a consortium of T&M instrument manufacturers. IVI Logo. Download IVI Drivers · IVI Web Forum.

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