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It was always a better round than 9mm, but the crippling cost of ammunition meant the best 10mm guns simply took a backseat and this perfect self-defense round fell by the wayside. The FBI made the round famous by bringing it onboard after the Miami shoot-out revealed a lack of stopping power in the 9mm. When law enforcement dumped the 10mm caliber due to excess recoil and large pistol sizes, it just went out of fashion thanks to the exorbitant prices. If you pick up the 10mm, things have already gone sideways. For a pistol 10mm is serious firepower. It has come a long way since then.

Lower ammo costs mean that the 10mm is now a viable option for home defense, bear defense, White Tail hunting and other mission critical times when you want a bit more kick than a 9mm, or 45 ACP. With a full-size pistol, though, the gloves are off, you can do what you want.

That means there are some absolutely stunning 10mm pistols for sale right now, especially the 6 inch barrel long slide specialist hunters. A good 10mm pistol will give you more punch than a. More on that later…. It really is easy and you could order your first gun in minutes. We have done the search terms for you, so just click and go to the new 10mm pistols at the best prices. For the most part the blocky Austrian gun is generic, a little dated and incomplete.

With the 10mm, though, the company has properly got its shit together. It has seized the day. If it sounds like complete overkill, then read stories of hunters that have emptied an entire mag of 10mm ammo into a charging bear before it came to a halt.

Bear country used to be the reserve of big revolvers. But the 10mm Glock is taking over as the preferred weapon of choice thanks to the capacity, control and cumulative damage of the large mag. That also means aftermarket parts like night sights or even extended mags are no problem. Of all the guns for sale, Glock probably gets the most support with parts and accessories.

That makes your life infinitely simpler and it means you can breathe some life into this appliance of a handgun with a few custom parts. You might want to switch out the trigger and the fixed dot sights could do with an upgrade. That might explain why some of the usual suspects that make the best 9mm handguns in the world and have largely gone past Glock have left this niche alone.

When you need it most, for home defense, bear defense, lion defense or something even more serious, the Glock will go bang. Reliability and accuracy are the two things you really need from a 10mm. The Glock gives you those in spades, as well as providing a large capacity handgun that works instinctively.

We are not Glock fanboys here, not at all, but we have to admit it has made the best 10mm handgun in the world for a while. In the 10mm pistol class, for years, Glock has reigned supreme on value, reliability, practicality, just about everything that matters. But is that about to change…. This is beyond a full size pistol. There are no concessions to concealed carry and that really is a six-inch barrel. It is a work of art and it is the taken to the extreme. Springfield Armory has a stellar reputation for premium s and their top end guns are a work of wonder.

The Operator 10mm, in some ways, is the ultimate expression of superior firepower. I am not personally sold on the Dirty Olive grips, but you can change those. And they might be right, but what are they getting in my business for? The semi-automatic pistol itself is a work of art and can consistently group shots at 70 yards through the match grade barrel, although you may have to tune the adjustable rear sight. That goes some way to making up for the lack of capacity. It comes with a rail for a light or laser. If this is the last line in home defense, though, or even a bear defense gun, then you might want to go the whole hog and fit an RMR.

A red dot, this long slide and 10mm ammo could be the combo that renders a rifle redundant in certain circumstances. In time, maybe this competitive shooting superstar will take the gold here. This is a thoroughbred racehorse of a 10mm handgun. I like to think with tiny hammers, with a cigarette in the corner of their mouths, until the gun returns the perfect note.

It really means that the gun is balanced from the beginning to the end of the process. Can mere mortals feel that difference in that stainless steel slide? That sounds reasonable, at least. What we know for sure is that the steel frame is coated in ceramic for complete corrosion protection and added rigidity. Polygonal rifling in the beyond match grade barrel increases velocity and accuracy and you can vary the recoil spring strength and the single action trigger to suit your shooting technique.

The beavertail grip is perfect, the magazine capacity, everything is perfect. Is this gun a better ownership proposition than the Springfield coming up? But it could be a thrill to take hunting, or use at the range as a plinking gun. Others on this list are mor e durable hunters for out in the field. The Sig P Hunter is the official P for field sports and 10mm ammo.

The Sig Sauer P Hunter just looks wrong everywhere else, whereas the Legion is a premium full size handgun you can use for home defense, personal defense and EDC. You can easily update the fixed dot sights too. This is one of our favorite guns in 45 ACP. What kind of person buys a Dan Wesson Bruin? But engineering enthusiasts love them, too, for the slight advantages, the perfect internal polishing and balance, and the fit and finish that means your firearm will fire straight and true for decades if you look after it.

In competent hands, it would return tight groups at 80 yards and you can get more ambitious than that. Other deer options in the 10mm auto class include the Les Baer and Wilson Combat s. But we think the Dan Wesson is the big money handgun to go for if you really want to go this way. You get a polymer handgun that looks like a Glock just got back from Agency Arms, for less money than a stock handgun. That costs you when it comes to concealment, but it makes the slide much easier to manipulate when you actually need your gun.

The twin safeties, with the style grip safety and Glock-style trigger blade, are the biggest USP. On paper, the Springfield has the edge with a of match-grade components, including the barrel and trigger system. It has a full-length guide rod recoil system and the Melonite coated stainless steel slide looks like a custom aftermarket part. We will wait for the owner reviews on the Springfield XD-M before we call it a Glock killer, rather than a Glock rival.

But make no mistake, this compact handgun from Springfield could yet be the best 10mm pistol for sale in Not only has this been refined over the decades, it was also good enough to stay on the shelves for more than 30 years. The Colt Delta Elite 10mm has become an iconic handgun for the masses, a firearms fashion label, rather than a full on match-grade weapon. The current version comes with genuine Novak Sights, an enhanced hammer and a lowered ejection port.

These subtle changes do make the Colt Delta Elite 10mm a sweet-firing pistol, but we think it has a fight on its hands these days. Pretty sweet deal huh? Actually we think it is, if only for the fact that this Kimber Super Jagare is an achingly beautiful firearm. What we do know is that the Kimber Super Jagare has custom porting on the stainless steel slide and the barrel, with the ports lining up.

It helps contain the savage kick of the 10mm ammunition. It looks good, and works perfectly. Here it is, the best 10mm CCW handgun in the world right now. This is not a normal Glock and kicks a lot harder thanks to the powerful 10mm. If you want controlled recoil then go for the G20, or 9mm.

But if you like the idea of all that stopping power on your hip, then this is one of the best 10mm pistols in the world by a long way. But at this price, what more do you want from the TAC Ultra? The TAC Ultra looks kinda cool in its own way, the functional grips work and the grip safety operates like clockwork. Nobody can quite believe the pricing on Rock Island Armory s and the web is full of questions like:.

But the truth is, the online gun reviews from actual owners are always excellent. This gets the value award in the 10mm handguns class. This is to the 10mm pistol class what the CZ 75 B is to the brigade : a total curveball. The only reason the Glock G40 is down here is because the Glock G20 won the whole shooting match thanks to its versatility. The Glock 40 is a more specialist tool. But if I lived in big bear country, was out handgun hunting and absolutely had to find food or face death, or I was just open carrying a 10mm cannon in a Jurassic Park style dinosaur island, Zombie Apocalypse or African plain, this is the Glock model I would want as a sidearm.

Short of that, this is about as hardcore as handguns get. But this gun comes with control, shot placement and magazine capacity in its favor. You can buy a new guide rod, slide kit or mag just about everywhere too. You can order your Glock G40 with a 15 round mag or state friendly 10 rounds.

A variety of red dot sights will slot straight on. This is turning into a favorite handgun hunter and there are entire communities devoted to Glock hunting now, largely with the 10mm round. Yes the same basic recipe that built the EAA Tanfoglio Witness match shooter has also been boiled down to create a 10mm concealed carry pistol that seems to combine the main strengths of a Glock and a CZ 75 B. The EAA Witness is a stout, sturdy gun that fills the hand despite its compact status.

You get 12 rounds of 10mm ammunition and that is a hell of a lot for a self-defense situation. The matte metallic finish does it for us and we would have this over the Glock 29 in a heartbeat. EAA has proven itself on the tough competition shooting circuit and its defensive gun lines are slowly getting a reputation for reliability and all the other attributes you really, really like in a concealed carry. The Ruger SR is, in our humble opinion, the best value on the market. Note we say best value, not the best handgun, but it really is a lot of handgun for the money and an awful lot of bang for your buck.

Most of the gun is finished in brushed stainless steel and the classic SR is famously built to last. We get that. Yes, the price is correct. This is simply what many people are prepared to pay for the perfect

10mm handgun sale

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