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If you recently added new hardware, remove the hardware and see if the computer functions properly. If you recently installed new software, uninstall dc5850 unknown device software and see if the computer functions properly. Boot the computer to the Safe Mode to see if it will boot without all of the drivers loaded.

Refer to the following Helpful Hintshelpful hints section in this dc5850 unknown device. To assist you in resolving problems online, HP Instant Support Professional Edition provides you with self-solve diagnostics. If it becomes necessary to call for technical assistance, be prepared to do the following to ensure that your service call is handled properly:. Be in front of your computer when you call. Write down the computer serial number and product ID number, and the monitor serial number before calling.


Restore the system from the Recovery Disc Set that you created or restore the system to its original factory condition in HP Dc5850 unknown device and Recovery Manager. Be sure to back up all data files dc5850 unknown device running the restore process. Helpful Hints If you encounter problems with the computer, monitor, or software, see the following list of general suggestions before taking further action:. Check that the computer and monitor are plugged into a working electrical outlet.

Check to see that the voltage select switch some models is set to the appropriate voltage for your region V dc5850 unknown device V. Turn up the brightness and contrast controls of the monitor if the monitor is dim. Press and hold any key.

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If the system beeps, then the keyboard should be operating correctly. Wake the computer by pressing any key on the keyboard or pressing the power button. If the system remains in suspend mode, shut down the computer by pressing and holding the power button for at dc5850 unknown device four seconds then press the power button again to restart the computer.

If the system will not shut down, dc5850 unknown device the power cord, wait a few seconds, then plug it in again. The computer will restart if automatic start on power loss is set in Computer Setup.

If it does not restart, press the power button to start the computer. Dc5850 unknown device the computer after installing a non—plug and play expansion board or other option. See Solving Hardware Installation Problemshardware installation problemsproblemshardware installation for instructions. Be sure that all the needed device drivers have been installed. For example, if you are using a printer, you need a driver for that model printer. If you have installed an operating system other than the factory-installed operating system, check to be sure that it is supported on the system. If the system has multiple video sources embedded, PCI, or PCI-Express adapters installed embedded video on some models only and a single monitor, the monitor must be plugged dc5850 unknown device the monitor connector on the source selected as the primary VGA adapter.

During boot, the other monitor connectors are disabled and if the monitor is connected dc5850 unknown device these ports, the monitor will not function. You must disconnect the power cord from the power source before opening the computer to prevent system board or component damage. Solving General Problems You may be able to easily resolve the general problems described in this section.

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If a problem persists and you are unable dc5850 unknown device resolve it yourself or if you feel uncomfortable about performing the operation, contact an authorized dealer or reseller. Look for the LED on the system board. If the LED is illuminated, the system still has power. Power off the computer and remove the power cord before proceeding.HP Compaq dc Business PC - Troubleshooting Without Diagnostics.


This chapter provides. Be sure that all the needed device drivers have been installed.


For example, if you are using a. Cause unknown. Dc5850 unknown device the computer. Solved: Have two unknown devices on device manager 1.) Instance  Missing: DC

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