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They also enjoy the connectivity of the instruments and the software. If measurements have already been made, 01db symphonie if you close down dBFA32 during a measurement session, the last acquisition order will be recalled exactly where it was left. The user may change the last acquisition order for the points not yet measured.

If it has to be changed for all the points of the mesh, click on the option Measured points. However, if the user wishes to re-do existing measurements because the 01db symphonie conditions have changed or when using a different microphone spacerthe option Measured points must be validated to be able to select automatically an acquisition order taking into account the measured points.

It is possible to select automatically all the points, in the order they were defined, and the option Measured points has the same meaning. Mesh set-up around the source Now that the acquisition order has been defined, the user must prepare physically the measurement environment around the source. That is to use precise markers to 01db symphonie the probe exactly at the defined measurement locations.


The most practical is to use markers on the floor, a tripod to fix the probe and a ruler. A mesh listing 01db symphonie displayed on screen.

01dB contributes to reducing noise and vibration

By default, all points of each and every face are listed. These co-ordinates are given for 01db symphonie direct orthonormal marking: the software only knows the measurement surfaces. The origin and the orientation of the source in the mesh are left to the user, as long as the mesh completely enclose the source a good practice is to place the source at the centre of the mesh. For a mesh made of a list of points and surfaces, the software does not manage the co-ordinates of the measurement points. The physical markers should be placed manually.

01dB symphonie software

Configure the analysis parameters, the averaging time and the gains as previously explained see paragraph 8. By default, these settings are the same than for 01db symphonie previous acquisition window.

Place the probe at the exact location of the first measurement position, according to the defined acquisition order. If the measurement has not 01db symphonie accepted, re-do the same measurement. In order to re-do some measurements with a different probe configuration i. As long as an acquisition order is not defined, sound power measurements are not accessible. During acquisition, check the input gains: 01db symphonie an overload occurs, re-do the measurement for the active point.


Before each measurement, manually or automatically autorange 01db symphonie the input gains. Some measurement locations may be noisier than others real-life sound sources are very rarely omnidirectional.


If you are using a sound intensity probe type GRAS 50AI with a remote control, the measurement process is simplified because the operator does not need to use the keyboard or the mouse to start, stop, valid a measurement. The remote control is very useful if the source under test is located at a certain height or in a location difficult to access. The handle of the sound intensity probe features two remote control buttons that can be 01db symphonie to pilot the acquisition process and two LEDs to inform the user on the measurement progress. The Blue button is a 'positive' button: it is used to start and validate a measurement.

Symphonie Software Solutions from 01dB Environmental XPRT

01db symphonie Grey button is a 'negative' button: it is used to prematurely stop an acquisition or to repeat the current measurement. When the Green LED blinks, it means that the system waits to start an acquisition.

  • DBBati Appication Note - Laboratory
  • 01dB contributes to reducing noise and vibration
  • Symphonie Software Solutions from 01dB Environmental XPRT
  • Rent or Buy World-Class 01dB Noise & Vibration Monitoring Equipment from Air-Met Scientific
  • Data acquisition

Press the Blue button. The acquisition starts.dBTRIG is the software program dedicated to monitoring projects and allows the acquisition of sound and vibration data for environmental. 01dB offers a complete range of products and services dedicated to noise and vibration measurement, assessment 01db symphonie monitoring.

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